Wiz Khalifa – Rowland

[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa]
Rolling up a seal blowin up but still
Going hard on my job like I ain’t sitting on a mill
Now filet mignon come with every meal
I swear to God that I’m so high feel like I’m going up a hill
Car marijuana coded
Paid 250000 for it still hop in that thing ride like its stolen
I’m talking vacation out and island resorting
I made eleven million nigga without any endorsements
Took the niggas out I was out on the porch with
To Saint Tropes to race them in Audis and Porsches
Bentleys and rolls plenty of smoke
Thousands for weed Vendis for clothes
I remember I couldn’t get shit back then when I was broke
Now that I’m rich everythings for the loke
So I could give a fuck bout what they saying
Cause they wasn’t with me way back in the day when a nigga was just

[Hook x2]
Macking Hanging
Rowland Getting that paper

[Verse 2: Smoke DZA]
We living life shit the bud is never ending
Kush God Bob Marley on my pendant
You know that low is the life that I’m living
Ralph Lauren always keep a nigga spending word
I cant lie its the truth a stack for these joints
Five hundred a pull double R L don’t do shrooms
That ain’t for me
Getting money killing shows in the home of the maple leaf
These rap niggas live in a land of make believe
Jiminy Cricket ass niggas and cool enough to fool with us
Nah pool tables get played in back haters play the side door
Jet life taylor gang what you ride for
We keeping the ends competition is slim
In case you looking for them niggas have no fear we are them
Corner the market getting money Rolling Stone
Young Khalifa rugby rolls right

[Hook x2]
Macking Hanging
Rowland Getting that paper

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