Trey Songz – A$$ – Mr. Nice Watch – That Way (Triggamix)


Stupidly stupid a dat
Girl that booty so stupid I getchu wet it be oozing I stick my tongue out to prove it
I stick my tongue out I do it
I pool stick and cue it and now I think I drank some shot of pussy juices from cupid [x2]
That booty gummies gummy I bet it softer than gumby
Now stick it right out I bite out a lil piece and it yummy
I said them booty shots
Your booty got
Are truly hot
If I need a spot
I take a few alot of my hoes to go if I knew for sure
That they ass would grow
I’m all up in your pussy
It’s soft and gushy it’s wet and it’s smoshy it’s smell like badusssy
I’m high on the kushy I leave in the mourning she sleeping and snoring what o nuts
This slut gots bucked I think I got like 3 or 4 in
But watching tv is boring
Told her to wake the fuck up she said what’s up lick my nut up now I’m rubbing her ass

[Mr. Nice Watch:]

Ah mr nice watch [x3]
My wrist fidget
It’s exquisite
It’s A siatic
It’s the sickest
No matter what watch I rock
Swear it’s like a bad bitch just come with it
She said I should wear my rollax
I know that
Bitch pick one
That platnuim with that thick face or that gold shit that sick one
All them marvin gaye all them off of trey
Money grown on 4 all of most of date
For the time I never knew though
Got me two hublows o
Plus I did for the bitch don’t believe I twit pic it
Bastchu shirt on the boat and cole video
I’m big pimpin niggas know
Money in the envalope watch u niggas watchin I
Always fuck with the paper even when it fuckin sends and folds

[That Way:]

U see one thing u gotta know baby life is just complicated u know
I be moving around a lot I be city to city writing it’s just
I don’t know if we ever really be like that with with us u know

2 seater when I roll up
But it’s two divas hold up
Ones a cool blowa but the other I don’t know of
She said somethin before on how I met her on the tour
I said are u for sure she said boy u a whore [x2]
Listen here bitch watch your mouth
This my shit and I’ll kick you out
You so silly you so pretty
But I can’t kiss u in your mouth
Same hoes now try to make the phone blow up
Wouldn’t be around if the green ain’t grow up
Lawnmower whores so it lawns over whores
I don’t really have time how am I gonna get to know ya
You body like a rhyme I want to over flow u
Ain’t want to fuck with your mind but I guess I overdosed u
And I’m so sorry and it so true
I apologize I don’t recollect your name
Let me tell u that the, heels really complement your frame
We can take them ooo off
Then I gotta catch my plane
U say u miss me and u wishin for sum private time
Girl how could we get that way [x2]

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