The Underachievers – Nebulous

[Verse 1 – Issa:]
Killer like kryptonite
The new rebels run wild tonight
Fantasies living right
Hit the finest when taking flight
Blowing like dynamite
Lead the masses like Jesus Christ
The masters don’t kneel to hype
Only care ’bout you seeing right
I’m gone, don’t get me started
All these niggas heartless
‘Bout to move out somewhere foreign
Smokey bearing in the forest
I be toking good
Blowing on the dankest shit inside my hood
Wish she could do it how we do it
Nigga, read a book
Switch it up, fuck being the same
My nigga, live it up
No one gon’ hold your hand through the pain
You gotta give it up
Sitting drunk stuck up out the rain
Like you don’t give a fuck
Your hopes and dreams drip down the drain
Nigga losing luck
You finished up
I’m sipping from the winners cup
See me in the cut
I’m grippin’ something I might leave with her
Stuck in front the screen
Y’all suckers focused on the TV bruh
While I live out dreams why don’t you go out
Nigga, get you some, you fronting, cause

[Verse 2 – AK:]
UA flow infectious
You still hear man count your blessing, uh
We face odds leave the fake in the dark
And smoke that loud for breakfast, yeah
I’m on my shit shorty see the flow
You know she on the kid
Pass her green to roll up
Now we soaring through Metropolis
Lucy boost up my chakras
Hardly human my consciousness
Surpass Newton when it comes to music
Ain’t no one on top of us
Beast Coast, yeah, we hold it down
Team of kings with golden style
My lotus sprout
Put me on a floating cloud that potent flower
Sit back take notes from the Sensei
Throw wax in my spliff every intake
No tax on my zips comprende
I’ll pass on that bitch and then slay
They slayed the fathers of the darker
Cause they fear they fame grow larger
Though they here to make us prosper
Quickly forced a grave departure
Grab a glass, look me in my eye
What you mean I’m God
Yes oh yes, you’ve been eating lies
Don’t believe the opps
Flesh stay reeking like the West
Picture me depressed
Never focused on my treasure
Sin bad but much clever

[Verse 3 – Issa:]
Nigga talk about piece of the pie
But they living in lies take heed to the signs
Reading my lines won’t lead to demise
Only lead you to your shine and love with ya mind
Drifting out into the Astral Planes
Only facts to claim see a nigga swaggin’
Living lavish spitting astral magic
Don’t hang with sad shit dem niggas tragic
Can’t read the patterns I’m glowing lanterns
Spit disaster but blessing answers
These heathens cancer they spreading faster
You bow to masters they die in laughter
Came up now the throne what I claim
Bound to bring change the Indigo way
Fuck all the fame and fuck what they saying
Your soul they can’t take, yeah, they heart they can’t tame

[Verse 4 – AK:]
Inner glow my outlet they label Ak the alpha
The weak minded get devoured a souls lost every hour
For power get up and hover over traps set to drown us men
I’ve traveled cross the globe from Flatbush roads on a dollar van
So you can do it too, you can see the truth seek it through
Higher understanding hold a mirror take a look at you
Felt desire burning now in earning from the things I do
Making major moves and we just started homie and shit the fans are numerous
Live out dreams chase your goals
Fuck the law dawg just blow that smoke
Keep my jar stuff with all that potent
Major buzz I got your girl straight open
Just because a nigga hitting the drugs
Don’t mean shit ain’t no limiting us
Cause we fully equipped with the lyrical slugs
On the sands of Egypt sinking rhythm with love, uh
Indigo’s we popped up, I roll with a holy roster
Don’t try to clone us imposter, unless you want war with monsters
Be best to avoid the conflict, contest I’ll destroy the target
Finesse and enjoy the prophets then probably employ you partner, ha

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