Swollen Members – Torture

[Chorus x2]
We don’t force it
Just remember we don’t force it
We don’t forfeit
Aw naw we don’t forfeit
Don’t forget
Yeah this gold I spit, I told ’em we rollin with swollen shit

[Mad Child]
Keep a deeper state of a mind less tortured
Poison apple move through orchard
I approach you, walk in circles
Spirit of the hunter I could hunt you
Locked in emotional realm
My private world is painful
And I don’t care if it rain in my window pane inside I’mma insane angel
No gold at the end of my rainbow
Get a hold of myself ‘fore my brain go boom
Sittin in my room consumed with doom
Doors open force flow through me
Springtime bloomin daphodiles
Still got a six shot revolver
My gangster friends wont get this album
Not my problem
I hibernate but I still called ’em

[Chorus x2]

Revel in my glory, kneel before me
Or the straight jacket come around
Grey casket underground
Name captivate a crowd, leave ’em in suspense
Maximum overdrive last of my kind alive
Mastermind every single movement like a puppeteer
Go for the throat again, no friend we don’t pretend
Send you to the other end flames on the flesh burn
Meet nephastopholese, heat make it hard to breathe
Leave while you have the chance I could change my mind
Advantage of ricochet adventures in anime
Tear away the back drop revealing the hopeless
Incentive to innovate, allow me to demonstrate
Pinpoint and penetrate the heart like a steel shaft
Birds circle my prey this verse workin my way
The thirst never left me I just had to find it
Hazardous is chemical no MC identical

[Chorus x2]

[Mad Child]
Exert energy, hurt enemy
Love run raw through the veins of my army
Nothin feel better than the strength of my movement
My revolution, offer solution
Triple seven on a path less traveled
Psycho psychadellic thoughts unravel
Master thief drink psycho juice
With like-minded maniacs who like abuse

Insult to injury, full color imagery
Revenge will be the motivation, open wounds, lacerations
Focus my fascination, nose to the grindstone
This is not an accident battle axe accurate
Immaculate structure my alphabetic framework
Strength of a monolith, brains of a novelist
Ominous approach engulf words like a bonfire
Spiritual vision quest, sacred as eagle’s nest

[Chorus x2]

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