Skizzy Mars – What Up Girl

In NY smokin’ Cali
That’s probably why I act so fuckin’ Hollywood
Penthouse now it’s tatted
We rap about it so I’m guessing that we probably should
Pop some Dom P, and get raunchy
Javelins we tossin’, got us feelin’ awesome
Dirty supergas in the club
Kisses and hugs
She used to not fuck on the first date
She switchin’ it up
Baby, this the first day of the rest of our lives
She put her cup in the air
It’s moving from side to side
Then we grew up too fast
Now we jaded with this
We gettin’ faded to this
And now we blazin’ to this
Let’s go

A special shoutout to my ex girl
What’s up girl?
I know you’re hatin’ but it’s really all love
It’s all youth, it’s all booze, it’s all drugs
And truthfully, I just wanna have fun girl
Smoke weed, make music, throw ones girl
I know you and you’re friends talkin’ shit prolly
So when you bring up my name, just pop a bottle for me

Watch me pop a bottle girl
Then flirt with the bottle girl
Money can’t buy happiness, but it sure got this bottle girl
Pedal to the metal, livin’ life full throttle girl
Like fuck school, look what drugs got us girl
In the smokin’ section talking ’bout politics
The reason why is that I’m confident I prolly hit
Hard head man, there’s nothing they can tell us
Dropped out of school, makin’ more than the professors
Let’s go


Girls in the living room
What you trynna get into?
I’m just trynna do it now, ‘cuz this time is pivotal
You get mad at every show
Cringe at every interview
‘Cuz I’m stuntin’, now you’re looking pitiful
I see white girls, dancin’ like black girls
But don’t stop now
Bring that to the top now
Sparklers to my table
Got Grey Goose
Got Belvedere
Got a lot of booze
Got a lot of weed
Got a lot of girls
Few fellas here
Let’s go


Updated: 28 February 2018 — 03:22

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