Salmo – Blood Shake

[Jay Reaper:]
Dead niggas on the premises I sin yeah
Zulu nigga with a motherfucking thin spear
I’ve been clear get yo’ fucking ass in here
The shit niggas talk don’t impress cos’ I’ve been there
I’ve done that motherfuckers best to run back
Slap yo self’ and get your cunt checked
Cos’ niggas don’t bust like us
Don’t crush like us
Sniff a little dust and I feel buff like buzz
You ain’t ready for this nigga Balotelli
Pelli Pelli getting sweaty
Cos I’m freakin’ with your favorite baby
You got a rain check I came to bring the pain back
Rough neck swinging with the motherfuckin’ cane back
Yes we’ve been endorsed by four horsemen of course awesome
Never lost to first caution I floss often like I’m Mark Boss I’m cautious
Yeh, now head banging to you’re nauseous

[Skits Vicious:]
See when I come in I’m sweating like the running man
Game of deaths Skits V got the upper hand
My body check turns your body to a bloody wreck
You and your girlfriends yeah your buddy’s next
Blood thirsty I stalk with the full clip
Walk my dog after dark when the moons lit
I follow footprints equipped with a tool kit
Its clockwork when my mood shift is Kubrick
I pump a fool with a lethal dosage watch their eyeballs pop out like harlequin ichtyosis
Try to trespass my yard full of deadly Dobers
I wash the blood from their fur with some head and shoulders
Cold case no trace come through
Chopping off heads with the machete crew
Way too hard for the hit list
So I take down the stars on my shit-list

[Dopey Rotten:]
Ciao Bella it’s the English-Dutch fella
You know its rain of terror when we collab together
You’re light as a feather
Break under pressure
Off the fucking charts man you can’t even measure
Join the adventure we out for the treasure
Heads get severed its all my pleasure
Its doomsday so we melt down the cheddar
You know Dopey Rotten as the nutty professor
Never will I give up I will be here forever
Chop you up body parts in the blender
Never surrender I always remember
Gone til November you’ll find me in Denver
Big up Maurizio it’s a joint venture
You get dismembered no first time offenders
Your world of pain has just ended
No you won’t survive because your chances are slender

Toc, toc, sono io, il tuo incubo peggiore
Billy The Kid del beat
Lirico squarciagole
Sono il king come Nat Cole
Finchè lo ripeto ti convinci che ho ragione
Dovrei aprirti gli occhi ma sei nato verme
Invertebrato inerme
La tua vita è finta dietro sembra che hai lo sfondo verde
Bella questa festa di merda
E la tua testa è un paracadute
E se non te la apro a che serve?
Dovrei cercare un alibi
La vita cambia in fretta esattamente come cambio gli abiti
Non ti fidar di me qualsiasi cosa capiti
Perché chi va con lo zoppo parcheggia al posto dei disabili
Dio mi parla nel sonno dice dividi le masse
Chiede se i politici pagano mai le tasse
Per lo show chiama 3 volte 6
Per il flow non serve translate
Shake, shake, shake your blood

Updated: 21 July 2018 — 00:26

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