Russ – V.V.V.

Yeah, yeah, yeah
This is me and some alcohol
Fuck the shit I’m about to ball
Primitive simpletons listening to these neanderthals
You can’t evolve – ain’t no excuses
But fuck you motherfuckers
All my new shit’s leaving bruises
I’m smoking on some Hades getting higher than what Zeus is
If we don’t know life, how can we know death?
Confucius said at first I’m blackin’ out I can’t see shit
I want to be a millionaire, where’s Regis?
Telekinesis defeats my demons
My looks are hella deceiving
I do this shit for no reason
Competition was doomed as soon as they said I was breathing
So I’m here now walking through the club like I was Moses
Girls can’t put their finger on me
Stuck in my hypnosis
I’m the dopest, quote this quotable
Climb the rope up the totem pole
Time is so uncontrollable
I don’t know when the whole world will notice me
But I know I’m supposed to be
Sitting on the throne getting thrown off the potency
This ain’t even the coldest me
I’m just warming up
I’m about to grill the game
I got George Foreman luck
In a four door truck
With the windshield cracked
I’m just hitting home-runs
Move your infield back
I just reveal facts
And my shit will last
I’m just trying to stay young
Cross, beats, still smash
So don’t ask my glass is full
Why I got some ass to pull
I could die right now
So right now is twice as valuable
I could chase my dream
It’s palpable and I’m accountable
Failure ain’t allowable
Talent is surely powerful
But I’m still working making sure my crops are bountiful
The moon might move the ocean
But Russ gon’ make these mountains move
Rolling up an ounce then poof
Disappears like magic
Somersaults inside my lungs
These blunts must do gymnastics
I’m just stuck here making classics
What the fuck do you do?
I’m smoking Pacalolo getting laid in Honolulu
These rappers need a Blues Clue
Best advice is just do you
Cause underneath those J’s I can see a fucking tutu
And who knew
Life would be this easy
Just do what you love
Then it’s Veni Vidi Vici
But right now I need a buzz
What the fuck
And I’m gon end it right there what the fuck
And where’s my cup?
Pour that motherfucker up motherfucker

Updated: 17 July 2018 — 00:07

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