Rittz – Misery Loves Company

[Verse 1: Rittz]
Fuck my life. That’s how I feel when I wake up.
I don’t see no light inside this tunnel of mine.
My girl just left, I guess that we’re gonna break up.
I just suppose she fucking around with some other guy.
My homies wanna go and kick it, maybe some other time.
I’m dead broke and gotta work another double today.
My car broke down, a tow truck on the way.
My boss don’t really give a fuck, he wrote me up ’cause I’m late.
He gon’ fuck around, and end up getting’ punched in the face,
But I gotta control my temper ’cause I wanna get paid.
Fuck this restaurant, I wanna set it ablaze, and take my own life,
I’d do it if I wasn’t afraid, that I would live.
So fuck slitting my wrists, ’cause if I was dumb enough to commit, I would use a gun.
Gloomy getting drunk in my room for months,
I know my parents are embarrassed of their loser son
What if I woulda done my homework like my sister did?
I would’ve graduated college like my brother did,
And got a house the size of my little cousin’s crib.
But I complained and blamed it on the drugs we did,
And now my pockets are as empty as my stomach is,
Sloppy drunk again, we’re gonna punch and kick,
A bunch of holes in the wall.
Took another trip into the dark side,
Anybody comin’ with?
I said,

Life just ain’t that fun to me,
Everything around me is crumbling.
If you feel the same, then come with me,
‘Cause misery loves company.
I said,
Everybody seems so bubbly,
Does anybody feel as bummed as me?
If you do then come with me,
‘Cause misery loves company.
(Misery loves company. [4x])

[Verse 2: Rittz]
Fuck these Newports, ’cause I can’t afford them.
I’m sick and tired of all my homies wantin’ to bum one.
It’s funny that I use the word bum,
‘Cause if I don’t come up soon rapping, I’m a probably become one.
I feel like people talk behind my back where I come from.
If they supported me I’d be a wrap like a wonton,
But every time I stumble upon some critic they call me fat and ugly,
Why the fuck I let some dumb kid on the Internet piss me off this much?
I just did discussed it like I lost my touch.
They don’t realize how many lives are at stake,
My fate rides on this, give me some props for once.
But when they see me, they gon’ wish I had on boxing gloves.
Cussing at everybody like I’m some obnoxious drunk
Aiming the shotguns, that I’m like Shawty Fatt, in the “Pop the Trunk” video,
Here we go, he lost it, run.
The sunshine is gone, can’t find no way in the dark.
Layin’ in the bed, I wake up prayin’ to God.
Please show me a better way to make it a loss,
I thought I found it in my lady but she breakin’ my heart.
Just entertaining the thought that she is gone for good.
I try to put on a happy face and just forget.
Someone pop me a pill, take another trip into the dark side.
Anybody comin’ with?
I said,


[Verse 3: Rittz]
Dear Lord, is it really all in my head?
Lately I’ve been thinking I’d be better off dead.
I tell my girlfriend, she think I’m playin’ I bet.
One day she gonna find me dead in our bed.
How pathetic I let all this little shit bother me,
And I don’t mean to be a baby, but I bottle it inside of me,
Until I contemplate that I am suicidal and society,
Will be a little better minus me,
And I don’t think that anyone will really miss me when I’m gone.
My lady, she can go and suck as many dicks she want.
My family photos will be normal now without me in ’em,
And my friends won’t have to talk behind my back and try to front,
Like they want me to make it when I know they really don’t.
They just wanna see me broke unless I can take ’em with,
So they can get a free ride.
I’m trying to make a grip off the sweat and the tears,
That I put in trying to rap.
I just signed a record deal why the fuck am I so pissed?
Maybe I’m just scared I’m a fail and I’m stale,
That these industry people don’t wanna give me no props,
‘Cause on a scale from 1 to 10 I’m a 12.
By myself in a room with a bottle getting drunk as shit.
Unhealthy, my liver’s has had enough again.
But fuck that, I’m a chug and take another trip into the dark side,
Anybody coming with?


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