Rapsody – Jedi Code

Yeah, I was just chilling man
I was just chilling, just doing my R&B shit
And niggas wanna come and play this shit, man
Make me wanna get ignorant and shit
Fuck all my crew’s paper up, fuck all my Jazzfest paper up
But fuck it, new Tigallo, new Tigallo, new Tigallo

Two tears in a bucket, I wish niggas a-pail
A celebration bitches, I wish nigga Chappelle
They never caught wind, still thought that they could sail
Against my Sea World flow, I wish you niggas well/”whale”
Wish you niggas pale a little bit less
In comparison to me, cause y’all make me sound so nice
I try to tell em, rap shit is like ball
You either built for the game, or you not, you can’t coach height
Ain’t my fault you niggas ain’t sold records yet
Before you get reckless with Phontigga
And start slanging epithets
You better off walking through the crowd holding hands with two white bitches at Essence Fest
First in flight nigga, I’ll never be second best
Here’s the theme, I done been supreme
I can get it mapped out, make you niggas tap out
Like Ben Vereen on Cyclobenzaprine
F.E. is the team, bone thugging in harmony
We’re the army of two-faces and Jimmy Darmodys
First class flight, black bag with the toiletries
Run up in the spot like, yeah give me all of these
Go and tell your boy to bring some hoes
And if they ain’t bout it I ain’t hanging around, nigga that’s loitering
He rhymed like he not sane
But I got Rap and she got game, ya heard

There is no emotion, there is peace
Jedi, til the day I die

I spit that wonderama shit, me and my conglomerate
Shine like a mill worth of gold in my prominence
Had to break promises, today where the karmas is
Took a breath for every life left, that’s that honor shit
All my new garnishes peel like the pharmacists
Had no need for no Hermes, I value cognizance
That’s that kind of sense I’m trying to exchange aimlessly
Early morning talks with my boss deep at Cambridge week
Bane off the plane shit, rollin’ in the same whip
Kill Bambi, almost messed me up he got his frame split
Blend like the camo in the circle with the same clique
Bunch of like-minds like mine universal fit
Threat like killa, put your skills up Rambo
Mine reaches all in the soil down at Amco
Ma’am so you mean to tell me this ain’t real life shit
There is no real life, baby only lightness
Watch somebody bite this tonight
Just to let you know the come up ain’t without a price
Shouts to Kenneth 101, snake eyes on the dice
Life a gamble, hope you niggas all is rolling right, shit
I spit that wonderama shit, won’t remain anonymous
Beast of the Southern wild, New Orleans and Raleigh shit
Hush puppies staring down, beasting on the bridge
The strength of a Jedi’s in the code that we live, nigga

[Jay Electronica:]
It’s the most poetical, Nat King unforgettable
Clarence 13X Allah’s rhapsody from Bellevue

It’s a Roc Nation, Jay Electronic-extravaganza
The fans need a oxygen mask for every stanza
Cause it don’t matter if you Black or Anglo Saxon
You see a holy El gliding across the stage with icy gloves and socks on
You’ll be crying baby Jesus tears in your popcorn
Call the Ghostbusters up, tell em we got one, the keymaster returneth
Escape from the fiery furnace, niggas don’t concern us
Uh-uh, what’s your name, what’s your sign
Soon as you try and shine, hater creep up from behind
The Vatican preaches Jesus then they creep up with the swine
And enslave the people of God and have them sweep up at the shrine
Up up and away, fetch a hater a therapist
Garnish the colosseum with rose petals and chariots
Candy man, candy man, spit another parable
Your show’s uncomparable, the flow’s unbearable
Up, up and away, fetch a hater a therapist
Garnish the colosseum with rose petals and chariots
Candy man, candy man, spit another parable
Your show’s uncomparable, the flow’s unbearable

Updated: 28 February 2018 — 03:20

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