PewDiePie – A Troll Never Dies…

Dear poodiepie,

I hear you turned off the comments now and
I just wanted to tell you that,
I’m sorry.
You changed my life you know?
And who’s videos will I now spam?
Where can I get my self advertisement from
if its not from you?
And what’s gonna happen to falcon lovers?!
All these questions
but no answers…
Poods where are you when I need you??
I’m too full of emotions.
So I wrote you this song.
and well,
I hope you like it…

Falcon lovers
yeah, uh


Raise your wings for the falcon lord

H-h-h-ows it going bros my name is pewdiepie,
or should I call you poodiepie?
Here’s some harass from a giraffe
you smell like ass,
oh can you feel that sass?

You think turning off comments are stopping me
I have a master degree in snipery.
Watch me noscope 360 from a tree while I…

you may have 30 million subs
but I have 5
and none of them are scrubs.
ok maybe my brother…
and a couple other…
and my surrogate mother

My sniper clan got more noscopes then you can touch
I bet you bitch ass don’t even like falcon that much.

Do you?
I love falcons so… yeah

listen up peeps
my face is in your mom’s buttcheecks
I’m a human centipede,
givin’ you creeps
Oh! what is this?
It’s a great chocolate feast!
lasting for weeks
mmm, what a delicious treat!

Wait. wait this is not chocolate is it?
ugh, that’s disgust,
ugh cut

Join my sniper clan today
I’ll give you a free bj

Not liking pussy isn’t gay
Do I look like I am Beyoncé?
Who wrote this.

please like favorite and subscribe
I’ll give you a butt wipe,
and maybe even a curcumsice

Just remember to forget to subscribe.
Wait. What.

Wait, wait a minute.
you’re supposed to subscribe goddammit
h-how am I suppose to get subs if I can’t spam his videos anymore?

This isn’t over pewds!
This is not the last you’ve seen of falcon lord!

Updated: 31 December 2017 — 19:34

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