Papoose – The Plug

[Intro – Scratching:]
“Got the product, the power and the will to do the hustle”

I’m the plug – everything running through me
Brick of dope two keys, it’s a Rap Kool G
I’m the plug – man I got whatever you need
Apartment, 2C, he a worker, who me?
I’m the plug – everyday I make a few G’s
French Montana boys, Coke Boys, ooh wee
I’m the plug – hustler, you see
Keep a new phone number, new crib, new V
I’m the plug

[Verse 1:]
Customer, I keep em coming, kicking pies, keep the oven
Play the stakes, say you grace, paper chase, we be running
For God, SP, Birdman, he be stunting
Making dumb cabbage, drug traffic caught, read the summons
Ever since Strong died he ain’t shit, he need his cousin
Niggas lying, still riding by himself, he be thugging
Baking soda, baking soda, man ya pockets gon’ be hurt
You put too much baking soda then you fucking up the work
Firearms safety, don’t make me laugh, niggas funny
Man the only thing you keeping in a safe is his money
Laundering I flip a check, sell it to ’em dripping wet
They say you the big dawg, fuck a dog it’s just a pet
Competition sending threats, shots fire, hit the deck
He did it just to get a rep, dying rich, won’t live in debt
Coke dancing in a pot, man I never miss a step
Money, power and respect, fuck your connect, I’m his connect


[Verse 2:]
My work is smart, the feds might be on me
So they never say my name, they just call me “Big Homie”
So much residue, I might need a newer scale
I be making stupid sales, packages come through the mail
Stashed in the ceiling so I never get arrested
Keep the work in high places, the dogs can’t smell it
Smell like [?], call me Mr. Miyagi
Or the kid from Karate Kid, chopping bricks up with papi
I be pimping to body this rap shit is a hobby
I’m Sylvester Stallone homes, my wrist it be rocky
None of these niggas can stop me, bust a lick in ya lobby
Slip the clip in a tommy, don’t turn this shit to a homi
Burn the block down then I hit the next strip
Bout to make a movie, they should sell this shit on Netflix
Disrespect this, better hit the exit
Hurry out get buried slouch, I empty out the Tec clip


“Got the product, the power and the will to do the hustle”
“I know what I’m worth”
“It’s not a game when you boiling up a pot of ‘caine”

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