Godsmack – Bulletproof

Contemplating, isolating And it’s stressing me out Different visions, contradictions Why won’t you let me out? I need a way to separate yeah But I promise you that I’ll make sure you never forget me (Never forget me) Now that you want it Now that you need it I’m too far gone You’re trying to […]

Kailee Morgue – F**k U

He calls me a hot head Then he sets me on fire He said that it’s my fault That he’s a liar Then he’s blushing red When he’s on the phone He said “don’t worry about it, leave me alone” He said you’re only as good as you are when you are with me So […]

Lil Yachty – Ping Pong

[Swaghollywood:] Yea I pulled up in a foreign your bitch really she call me gorgeous check my pockets they so enormous all this damn Guap I feel important [Lil Yachty:] Damn right I feel important your bitch on my dick and she say that I’m up next these niggas they don’t hit cause these niggas […]

Karol G – Lo Sabe Dios

No sé que pasó No sé si se acabó el amor Hoy puedo decir que nunca lo sintió Lo que me costó entender Eso solo lo sabe Dios [x2] Le entregué más y más de mí Y cada palabra falsa le creí Porque mi única intención Era que fuera feliz mucho más que yo Y […]