Montana Of 300 – Versace (Remix)

Start stacking yo money stop spending that shit on that Louis and Gucci
I’m still in the good if I’m broke all the hoes in the building gone throw me that coochie
These haters be yapping and bluffing
Acting the toughest but they can not fool me
I stay with that tooly, don’t play with me goofy, I shoot like I’m making a movie
Please don’t run up on me got bread I got heat I promise I’m toasty
Get hit with that 40
I knock you off yo feet and lay you right next to yo broskie
Yellin free my OG
Mother fuck the police
You niggas don’t know me I started with half of an OZ
Versace, Versace
Air Jordan I’m scoring the oops they can’t stop me
MJ in his prime I stay on my grind
Moving weight like a Dolly
Bad little bitch on my dick
Beautiful face and a wonderful body
Bitch if you ain’t fucking Hell no we can’t kick it I don’t know karate
Shout out to my jeweler I’m sliding on ice but I ain’t playing hockey
I promise I’m rocky keep my gun beside me so come try to rob me
This bitch got a big clip inside it
When It let off bitch yo whole click get demolished
That tough tony look don’t mean shit to me Charlie
Think shit a game till niggas get bodied
My niggas is wild gone off that loud
Over here looking like mr. Miyagi
You run up on us gun gonna bust
Multiple shots you get popped like a Molly
Get hit with these shells you gone take a L
I’m gonna raise hell like the illuminati
Boy it’s not a probably
My murder my hobby
You get out your body you’re gonna get bodied
Stampede threw your set just like Jumanji
Yo niggas is queer pussy in yo posey
I feel me with fear they fill up with tears
I soon as they hear I whacked you like a nazi
Yea that nigga dead under the body
Takes shots if you want to
I pop up like paparazzi
I stay with that glocky
Be flashy and cocky
Flow colder then hockey
More checks then Horrace
Yea this nigga paid
This nigga made
And all of my shooters gone blow like grenades
We stay with them guns
And shine line the sun
If you can’t stand the heat you gone die in the shade
From the the PC so shout out to my jets
2820 south cal you met
Straight off the low end
And when I start flowing you know Ima go in like nothing but net
Was up in the trap like I was caught in a net
Waiting on the 1st of the month for them checks
My mom was a victim
Cocaine in her system sometimes
It felt like my OG was possessed
Young nigga stressed
Bad up in school acting a fool report card full of F’s
As I grew older I got a little wiser
Opened my eyes and realized that I’m blessed
Check out my chest
Bitch I’m the best
Put so much work in I ain’t gotta flex
Put me on a track and I bet I catch wreck
Just bring bread and that beat Ima put it to rest
Make sure when you come that you coming correct
You gone show love or gone show me respect
Anything less I’m uping that tech
It got one In the neck
You’ll get one in ya neck
I shot yo dog up so call me the vet
And if you keep on barking my nigga you next
Man you can’t trust this niggas can’t trust these bitches
Ever heard of a devil in a dress
Ima big dog you is a poodle so be cool
I pull up in that 2 door they all on my you know
Started from the bottom with oodles in noodles
With niggas who hustle moving weight like a sumo
Swag on the honeys they loving it
They all on my dick they want some of it
Id rather get money then fuck a bitch
But Ima get money then fuck a bitch
Might fuck someone chick for the fuck of it
Her mouth on my pipe like a cluck and shit
All that was yo bitch I didn’t even notice it
Man that ho know she can suck a dick
Everytime I hit the block
I keep a Glock in the car for the opps
No Ls but I’m whipping while I’m getting top
I’m ballin I’m tatted up feeling like I’m PAC
Picture me Rollin while she blowing cock
She decent eating that D like a Brot
You’ll think that I’m Italian the way I be styling
Now I’m finna crank it up just a notch
Straight out Chicago hip hop Picasso
Lyrically sick bitch I kick it like taboo
When I step out look like I hit the lotto
Gucci, Louie, Ralph Lauren Ferragamo
Later that night I slide dick in a model
Pussy so wet man that nigga need goggles
Sometimes I feel like a Soprano
How I be strapped I feel like desperado
Long 30 clip and it’s filled up with hollows
Talking that shit and it’s clapping like bravo
Got you ducking like you daffy and Donald
Body yo ass then get to my dough
Bitch I ain’t rocko but I’m all about my nachos
Doing muey colossal
Just let that Glock off (bang bang) and a fuck nigga top off
Try to cross me like hot sauce
I swear to god y’all all y’all niggas act macho
Especially when they with their vatos
I got them shells if they say they want beef well come get you a taco
Everywhere I go best believe I keep my toast pussy bitch I can not go
Fire like Phyro
I shoot like my nigga Fonzo
Bitch niggas eyes closed
I think I’m Pablo
MOB still the motto
Got a bitch making drop offs tell her don’t nod off
I’m 55 with that work
Call that shit cinco de mayo
Bitch I’m a mob boss

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