Montana Of 300 & Talley Of 300 – FGE Cypher

[Verse 1: $avage]
Young nigga bought a bag I was trappin’ hard way before the booth, nigga
Drug deals, hand in hand, I could turn a half ounce into 2, nigga
Who the fuck is you, nigga?
M.O.B no new niggas
Up the burner, no construction worker when I put this hammer to your roof, nigga
I’m strapped I might clap, know I will clap, but believe that
One in the head, Imma squeeze that
I been cocked, like T-Mac
Fly guy, where your wings at?
Bitches love me like I sing pop
Wanna be fly? Let that thing pop
Give a nigga wings like Wing Stop
40 Cal that’s always
Nine Milly with the green dot
Two guns, so that’s two buttons, at the same time like a screenshot
He got that steel with him
Every nigga with him gon’ drill with him
Long clip, 30 rounds for ’em
Dig a hole in the ground for ’em
Send a nigga to the heaven’s gates
Tryna cross eyes like Kevin Gates
Choppa sing like Mary J
Hit the full house except Mary Kate
Growing up in that Section 8
Coming home late like everyday
OG told me pray for the better days
Now it’s 14 karats on my bezel face

[Verse 2: No Fatigue]
Let me take over real quickie
Get in my glo for a minute
Now these niggas sour like lemon
A dog but no coward up in ’em
He think he Superman he got that Howard up in ’em
I groove, Austin Powers up in ’em
Stand tall like a tower
Spray at his head like a shower
Like Lucius want all the power
Niggas pockets get slim
They start acting shady, like Eminem niggas crazy
That’s why bro said, always keep protection, and let it blow like a A/C
If bro fuck around, put holes in him, squares, yeah, just like a crate b
Been blowing on gas, been blowing on Casey, I be so high I’m at safety
Put holes in that boy like a basket
Hope that you back ’em
He could take 5 like the Jacksons
On a rampage like Jackson
I’m at the top like a caption
Just listen here
I’m in control
I like to steer
I like to switch up the gear
Wait til I drop like a tear
Swear I be fresh
This what I’m rocking no chair
If she like to trip, then she not what I like, tell her to exit like the top right
Like an officer telling the truth, I swear this lil fifth that I copped right
When your chick see me, she stare, like she was testing her eyesight
Give me brain, then just leave the skull, so yeah I know what her mind like
I’m flyer than any handout
I’m tryna see what her friend ‘bout
Yeah I’m the shit what you sayin’ though?
Like a bright color I stand out
They throwin’ shade like a lamp now
Bitches pissed in public, like Lilly
Cause I’m fresh as fuck, like Billy
Nowadays, these hoes silly
I just tell ’em pop it like a wheelie
Your bitch let me hit like a single
She not even single
I won nigga, bingo
That’s how you know she not a keeper
If you want a feature pay me like a meter
Slide in, no skates
Come up on her, no gate
In her mouth, Colgate
Lotta numbers, no safe
Run up on me, more tape

[Verse 3: Montana of 300]
This is the shit that them haters never wanted to happen
I’m quarterbackin’, I get to snappin, I’m more than rappin
I’m more than greatness, I’m Kobe Bryant and Jordan clashin
No they can’t stop me, I’m scoring backwards, I’m pourin’ passion
If shorty yappin, then shorty cappin and want that action
My 40 blastin, them bullets singing like Toni Braxton
Say you gon’ murder me, I do that first degree
Them bullets inside my clip extended like 30 deep
I’ll murk you quick I’m Montana from planet Mercury
Come out the cut like a doctor, masked up for surgery
I’m going in, I’m good from wherever, like Stephen Curry 3
Take your life call that burglary, white sheets on you turn burgundy
Your bitch sensing my currency, feeling me like she searching me
Shawty mouthing me perfectly, my dick turned into Hercules
Come with that bag if you plan to purchase a verse from me
Got bills to pay and 2 kids to feed, I don’t work for free
I’m who these labels can’t stifle, rap God I hold the title
Ghostwrite for God like the prophets that wrote the holy Bible
I’m Satan’s rival if you despiteful that’s suicidal
You got dead homies, I reunite you don’t mean to fight you
But watch who you lie to, once lightning strikes you dead on arrival
This king of pop call me Michael, his PYT could die to
But I turnt his hoe into my disciple, she said I’m vital
Cocking his bitch like a rifle, ride me like motorcycles
Ralph Lauren, Jordan’s, bandana on me I feel like Ryu
My niggas fly too, it’s FGE, we hip hops revival

[Verse 4: Talley of 300]
Belly of the beast
They don’t know they in deep weight
Until they find out
But my appetite great
I’ll escape eatin’ it from inside out
And I’ll take flight
Free as a dove
Free as a pug
And all I need, is GOD in my gun
While I reach for the sun
They say screws loose, where the Phillips at?
Found boltcutters, where the fists was at?
Yeah the killer’s free, they trying get them back
Want me in the trap, but never been in rap
Lord have mercy on who in my path
Imma be strong, no tit for tat
Imma spray on ’em, then pray for ’em
When I send ’em to you with the gift of rap
Yeah, peace of mind’s what I get from rap
Sleep aside, I forget to nap
While they snooze on me, I two-step with that move on me
Til’ I rule homie
Let ’em wake up to a new king
Now they trying to learn how I do things
But all you need to know is two things
God first then Hoop Dreams
Know the haters reaching when they can’t steal
They gon’ try to block, but can’t man up
I jabstep, might drive hard, I uplift, then slam dunk
Yeah, Vince Carter my problem
Bitch, I go hard for my dollars
It ain’t no problem for them commas
You gon’ know stars for them commas
It’s a hard fall for that fake shit
It’s makeshift
The real gon’ last forever
Better know the position you play in
And stop acting like animals
Don’t y’all know they live to get us caged in
For nothing, got the wheel rolling nigga
And we ain’t never been cavemen
Though we came from the stone age
Cold days with the stove blazed
Crack pipes with the old tape
With the cokeheads with the snow face
Heroin, watch ’em nod off and their nose drain
Holla if you know that road rage
Without the concrete a rose came

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