Lil Yachty – Ping Pong

Yea I pulled up in a foreign your bitch really she call me gorgeous check my pockets they so enormous all this damn Guap I feel important

[Lil Yachty:]
Damn right I feel important your bitch on my dick and she say that I’m up next these niggas they don’t hit
cause these niggas they don’t flex when they see me walk up on em servin’ with the biggest check
I see all of them niggas I be stuntin on them now ice cream truck had to put it on my wrist
I just bought a 30 clip I might fuck up the shit yeah woah I might have to hit a lick

I might hit a lick just to come up quick yeah lil swag hurt wrist
yeah I might fuck your bitch yeah I just got the gas yeah re-up on my bag yeah running up a sack
yeah the foreign go so fast yeah how many niggas you know?

[Lil Yachty:]
Get that shit straight off the boat?

Niggas they shopping at Marcus we get it straight out the store

[Lil Yachty:]
I ride around in my Beamer I just paid for I do not smoke on no weed I just might fuck on your hoe
I work from sun down to sun down you niggas can’t tell me I don’t woah damn I’m Finna make it just give me 3 months you can’t tell me I won’t,
yeah lil boat might fuck up the fuck up just call it whatever if you run up you better have the 30 Glock tucked in your sweater woah

Stealing my style your choice I might pull up in a Royce shawty she love my lil voice lil swag and lil boat
make all of the noise shawty hit me on my beeper she want lil swag to just beat her
she know I’m hot like I’m ether yeah we just kick it like FIFA

[Lil Yachty:]
No I don’t want a feature from you I do not want nada I take my bitch to the mall
I bought that bitch nothing but Prada I brought her home I beat that bitch down
I crank out the frame I hit jugg for the 10 and I went and bought a new ring brought the shit back to the hood
let em see how that jewelry bling I fucked your bitch and no I’m not sorry
I’m on my journey in the safari I been stacking up like there’s no height girl come see a nigga sky fuck your kite

I remember being as a little short lil swag ain’t broke no more
yeah had to get my bandz up off the floor now you know my money so old now I’m doing good
I’m doing what you should moved to the A now I’m doing good yeah I’m swoo’ed up yeah I’m swoo’ed up

Updated: 7 August 2018 — 06:51

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