Lil’ Wyte – Com’n Yo Direction


[Lil’ Wyte]
Lil’ Wyte’s the name – their ain’t a day pass
That I ain’t in trouble, this changes the game
And turns a summer sault to a double
They hatin’ me now – I vapped out and they gon’ feel my rumble
But it is all gravy – I’m running and ain’t ’bouta stumble
Backoff a few years and you will find some crooked decisions
I managed them clear and did not let them break down my vision
That’s all I don’t need – somebody try’na stop what I’m givin’
But there’s just too many hoes out there to give one bitch my pimpin’
I’m bringin’ ya Memphis – I just joined the white rapper convention
Back in the day – I blazed my hay and dreamed about recognition
But I done made it, they hate it
I love it, becuz of DJ Paul and Juicy J – I got so far from above it
Pushin’ and shovin’ they don’t know of that I’m posted on a regular
Good ‘ole boy from around the way – might be small but don’t test me brah
Question brah, listen brah, yes thats what I’m stressin’ brah
Yes thats me in your hood, 2-doo’ Cutlass – what I’m flexin’ brah

[Chorus: Lil’ Wyte]
Jus’ the good ‘ole boys – hangin’ out geddin’ high
Jus’ the good ‘ole boys – watchin’ cops ridin’ by
Jus’ the good ‘ole boys – sittin’ round drinkin’ beer
Jus’ the good ‘ole boys – we was the clique the haters feared
Jus’ the good ‘ole boys – never really wanted blow
Jus’ the good ‘ole boys – was overloaded on that dro
Jus’ the good ‘ole boys – 2 doo’ Cutlass what we flexin’
Jus’ the good ‘ole boys – if you in the road you better move we comin’ yo direction

[Lil’ Wyte]
Don’t let yo window catch a cloud – I’m as high as you
I know you wish this song would keep on bumpin’ through a pound or .2
But it’s all good – it’s gonna go off – like everything that goes up comes down
I make sounds come out my mouf – then put now snawls to make ’em melt
Watch me guarantee the game – nothing but some fucking pain
Put cyanide in cyringes and inject it in they veins
Threw up on the league the hardest music Memphis seen in a while
Hit me quick wit’ Triple 6 and then let out +Mystic Style+
I was hook and good ‘ole boys like me was catching the vibe
I survive – I strive now look at me – I’m all in the sky
Keep in mind, I was the one overlooked alla the times
Deep inside, I thought that I was the one never would rise
Here I am, I’m spittin’ it out and bringin’ it too ya taday
Ain’t no gangsta, just a Bay, area represento wit’ something to say
So if you want me come get me – y’kno where I’m at
I’m prolly there right now, but there’s no way good ‘ole boy
Like me go out without my Crown now


[Lil’ Wyte]
It’s like this, good ‘ole boys – I don’t get what they can out this game
Whether we are, down in our slums or we on top of this thang
Cuz I’ve got, some real ones rollin’ with me down for the cause
Even if the, situation get sticky they ain’t ’bouta pause
So I must, watch over my fleet and lead em all inta victory
Mystery how did I get here, all the rest is just history
Liberty is what I’m seekin’ to get away from misery
Mess with me – you’ll be fucked up
Cause I’ll let out inner energy
Never was a problem child – always kept up with the game
The slang, and somehow everyone in the hood knew my name
It ain’t my fault it made me, too be something that you ain’t
It is my fault I’m doing, something that y’kno you cant
Man I remember gettin’ drunk, drinkin’ my self unda the flo’
Reminiscin’ of throwing up – makin’ love to the camode
I did my dirt, didn’t I get caught and still serf’ birds in the end
But that’s all right cuz All I need’s my little girl and my pen


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