Lil’ Kim – Panda (Remix)

[Lil Kim:]
I know they see us coming, I know they see us coming
Ayo Desiigner!
We see you baby, welcome to the Royal Brooklyn Family

I got killas in Belize
I got niggas in the league
Watch how I go off on the Hennessy
NFL no sacks
I got the ball like a running back
My nigga OT with a hundred packs
I hit the mall with a hundred racks
Two straps like a back pack
Rolls Royce and a Maybach
Back to Back like a Drake rap
Drive the Rari like I’m on a race track
White kicks Buscemi
Black Whip Borghini
Back on top like a beanie
Eat the booty like zucchini
He pulled it out, it was teeny
Pour some ketchup on that weenie
My niggas pour lean in Belize
My pussy wet like a bikini
Getting cheese, fettuccine
Move work out the deli
Move my body like a genie
Disapper, Makaveli

White Mink, panda,
I got white, Hannah,
I feel like tony Montana,
White diamonds, panda

Updated: 27 February 2018 — 01:01

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