Lil Boosie – Cartoon

Damn, why’s it feel like it’s Saturday morning in this bitch
Girl in the corner looking like Dora the Explorer
Bartender looking like Stewie Griffin
Security guard looking like Homer Simpson
Oh shit, I must be in a cartoon
Damn, took way too many triple stacks

[Verse 1: Shell]
Looking out my mind
Yeah I’m on bout two
She said Bubba is you rolling
I said how about you
I done mixed the Ninja Turtle with a little Grey Goose
Now I’m about to Transform, cause I’m in a cartoon
Got a fifth of Jack, some pills and an ounce of that purp
And my bitch roll too in a Spongebob shirt
But she ain’t tripping no, she done brought her friends too
I used to knock her pussy out over half a Blues Clues
But back to my crew, yeah my niggas go hard
I done left, caught a charge getting full of them bars
I had this episode fucking with this little broad
She wanted me to hit it, hit it
You know I’m a dog so I didn’t hit it raw
And that Red Transformer kept my dick real hard
She said the pill made her feel like she’s sitting on Mars
So I ate another bar and beat that pussy all to shards

I’m in a cartoon
I’m in a cartoon
Throw it back, throw it back
I’m in a cartoon
I’m in a cartoon
Throw it back, throw it back

Going SpongeBob on em
Going Ninja Turtle on em
Going Bart Simpson on em
I’m a Transform on em
Going Bugs Bunny on em
I’ll Mickey Mouse on em
Going Blues Clues on em, in a cartoon

[Verse 2: Mouse]
Catch me walking through the mall on a Sunday
Smelling like Fonzie, I don’t do Gumbi
Hands in my pants like my name Al Bundy
Ninja Turtle power, yeah I’m feeling kind of jumpy
Hands nigga from the B-R
Got a Taz-Mania truck, got a Blues Clues car
Like Popeye The Sailorman, yeah I go hard
Pimpin’ like the Pink Panther, I’ll take your broad
I ain’t got a full-beard like Bluto, I’m on that you-know
Now watch me act a dog like Scooby and Pluto
Kermit the Frog, nigga thats my Judo
Pockets on full, sitting fat like Sumo
Superman’s back, throw it back, throw it back
Up, up and away, where he at, where he at
I said Superman’s back, throw it back, throw it back
Up, up and away, where he at, where he at


[Verse 3: Lil Boosie]
Boosie Badass
Cross the tracks we throwin back, from the summer to the winter
Used to be a Ninja Turtle, now I turned to Master Splinter
We actin’, you can’t see me, I turn to Dragon Ball-Z
Took two to the head dog and I turned to Sonic the Hedgehog
I’m Clifford the Red Dog, we actin’
Me and my .40 Glock, we like Scooby-Doo and Shaggy
I’m Poppa Smurf around this bitch, when I’m on Purp around this bitch
Big bucks like Scrooge McDuck, ain’t that the shit, yessir
I’m in a cartoon, feel like I’m on the moon
Saw my girl Porscha but my eyes saw Dora
Homer Simpson in the building
Hey Mouse, where Marge at
I can’t find Tootie
Awe shit, where Bart at
Throw them back, throw them back
We done ate a fifty pack
I’m always in trouble, call me Garfield the cat
Me and my dogs, we getting stacks, you can call us Thundercats
And look at my neck you see I’m on like I’m kin to Fred Flintstone


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