Lil’ B – Dont Miss The Gems

Uh, Devil Music
Red Flame

Alone again, some nights, I fight
The night time by myself, niggas is crying
I’m outside with no help. Sicker than ever
The hood controlled, by a substance
I’m just a poet from the Waterfront circumference

I’m blessed to think, how I think with patience
Look at the situation, assess it, this shits a blessing
How I move reckless and still make records, that speak to you
This is a gift from God, a gift, a present, from up above
It’s heaven upon earth, most people say hell
From what they seen first hand, I can’t blame em
Pandimanium, going through craniums, shaken up
By the Police, killing our hoods, and raping em

People are selling drugs
Without thinking about the families that they are tearing apart
Be selling dope to fiends, while they praying at alters
Try’na, dig inside their conscience, blank stares, is awkward
Went, to YouTube and seen it in his eyes

His soul was tormented by the Demons
Made mistakes, he can’t get over
I pray to the spirit, that’s watching over my life, and
My boundaries, Lil B, around the world, you know how bad I want it
Slaughter all opponents, No Karma, staying high with no drama
I’m similar, to farmers, working everyday with dreams, of a sauna

You believe up in the people, some lead you to direct evil
Others lead you to, the see through. Disguised as a person
But deeper means to verses, it all starts if the writing
Is cursive… Red Flame

This is Deep, Devil Music, Lil B
Shouts out to NaS, Cocaine Blunts

Shouts out to nahright, 2dopeboyz, Rap Radar
I’ll roots, Feeder rap

Devil Music, They wanna deny me, they just
They just mad cause I’m so swagged up
But I’m the realest to do this shit

You need to look past the message
If you can’t look at my videos, put it on mute
Don’t even look at me just listen to what
I’m saying

Don’t Miss The Gems – Lil B

Updated: 1 January 2018 — 00:48

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