Lil’ B – Championship Game

Yeah, you can’t hold me down forever, I’m a be here forever
Fuck em, yeah yeah, this that real shit man
You know we still gutta thuggin’ it man
Based Jam

Championship game I’m a make somebody drop
M.V.P my whole damn life
I’m stuck in the hood
Them niggas know I drop at night
Drop off sit back with the top off
Count zips in the cuts with the knocks off
Got bags that’ll blow they damn socks off
Couple pills that’ll give a bitch lockjaw
Man I stay with the heat like a pop-tart
Lil B, he not rapping for free
My gun like a hippie I’m a spread the peace
He N.G I know that he fucked the police
Greatest of all time to set the bar when needed
I’m blessed on the mic it’s like God with beezy
Why his shit so high, cause my haters believe me
I pray to stay in the sky
Old school hip-hop with that new vibe
You on the leg, I sit back and I watch o-kahn
I’m the type to sit back and just do my time
At the bottom of the hood all you do is climb
And holler at your people from time to time
Why you really get right, then give back to the world
Cause earth love you, I’m just like you
One foot in the door, and one outside too
Type of nigga on the street I ain’t buy new shoes
Got the money that you need but I ain’t rich like you
I’m tryna’ get on and fuck a bitch like you
I really live life that’s what I like to
Thug mind station, I was stuck like glue
Same mind state I get out by June
Courthouse by noon got the night again
You got locked up for some shit you ain’t do
But your jail house thugs and they look like you
You stay on your lips with that dope on your breath
I come back from the set and went back to the set
At the same damn time I flew off in the jet
Got the same damn gun that the officers get
But aside from the violence just keep your cool
This Based Jam, I want y’all to spread the news
Can’t nobody talk cause say they do, what Lil B do
They must be confused, He talk a lot of shit but they don’t listen
Got sent to a war, but he ain’t have no mission
He sought to sit back and got two odd senses
People hate on your shit, that’s lords my witness
Why people lie just to see you cry
I wake up with the thoughts I could be suprised
Cause I was real close in the streets [?]
Hustle in my blood I breathe for time
Niggas asking bout’ rap but I bleed for mine
You know my life real, you could see my prime
I ain’t even at the top but I’m most respected
Most loved, most hated, most never will get it
Most people don’t get it cause they at-home critics
While I’m out living life, you be at home trippin’
Hating on the next man, cause I’m out here dippin’
Put a prayer in the air, I ain’t out here slippin’
I want y’all to listen really pay attention
Cause most people ain’t even listenin’
Really, get together and find a vision
Don’t let nobody hate suckers always gonna twist shit
Keep ya, eyes open, don’t go miss it cause life in a flash
You’ll be out here missin’
Try to put myself in another’s position
I’m the rawest rapper out, let’s start a petition
Let the world know about Based God vision
I walk in the door with the mixtapes listen
Like Jehovah witness with Lil B music
Let’s collect some rare art, I love this music

It’s Lil B, Based Jam y’all with me
Yeah, Lil B rawest rapper alive let’s get it

Updated: 29 December 2017 — 19:13

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