Lil’ B – Based Jam Remix

Yeah. Off top it’s Lil Boss, yeah. Take a time in my mind yeah. Time in my mind yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah

I love and trust a lot but got low faith
Can’t fake
All it takes is one time and now the bitch got straight
All she wanted was a code to the safe
A part of the bank
Most bitches ain’t shit, credit cards some change
Make you think mind go blank
A lot of girls bird watching, bitch might as well hate
You plotting on my life but your life is fake
Playing shows for nobody except your family and friends
Less is more but store
I look at clouds tryna find myself, there’s more
I seen poverty, can’t even live to afford a decent place to eat
Every system that was made
Jail system only one that was made for more
They made the jail system for the black people for sure
School system, system, all the white man law
Real estate they made it so the black family lost
Can’t buy a house what you owe ’em
You own a car, gotta be more
Lost your accounts, trust funds
Gotta live long, be strong, you feel me
Shout out to Ernest [?]
[?] a better step
Gotta look at me and give me a sign
Make it rain or something
All this game and questions, you gotta be frontin’
I got lots of love for the money and the power
What’s left of my body, couple ideas and thoughts
Tryna get next level, my life can’t be bought
I’m too real for the world, I know it for sure
How you wake up and still be sleep, my heart beat
I keep it realer than real, my life’s unique
Lil B he can’t complete, I am never cheap

Updated: 29 January 2018 — 21:22

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