King Los – American Gangsta Freestyle

Los! Uh
Haha! Listen, ok
Last time I hustled hard cause rappers just pussy
And the crown ain’t safe in the hood, wats goody?

Uh, I picture my goal
Picture this go getter, yea niggas is slow
I’m pitching a snow headed. Noo
Nigga paint pictures with his fly repetition
Don’t I paint the perfect picture like it’s high definition
I’m too Jurassic, a future classic
Transack, Louie backpack, Do the math
Bitch don’t let me black cause it’s ugly, I’m back won my study,
Loosen up the snap backs, back to the skullies
Make me flashback to the laps and the Cudi’s
Don’t make me relax, I’ll run laps around dummies
Relapse, he’s backs, it’s a wrap for you mummies
Weak rappers, ease back, back to the background for me
Trynna handle more bizz, so I can get rose on the 23’s
Something like Amber on Wiz
The Crown ain’t safe, so all you niggas screaming out ‘You Got Next’
Tell them I said now it ain’t safe
I eat off rap, eat rappers, keep snacking, so keep slacking
I’m lap running and speed bagging, heavy bagging, body hooking and left jabbing
Make you miscount an attack, then I step back and it’s 1 hit, 2 hit, 3 hit,
You four like a 1 dick, 2 chick, 3 some these whores
1 watch, 2 chains, like a 3 degrees breeze, I’m the one air, like the 23’s on my sneakers
And there’s a lot of big critics every time the kid break another comment,
Talk about the kid’s Ink, Fuck ya’ll think, I get the job done
I ain’t make XXL, but they can’t God son
It’s game time ya’ll pretending to ball
I got a flow that’ll school boys no Kendrick Lamar
Oh let me stop it I’m just killing every topic
I ain’t dissing, I ain’t bitching if a nigga dissing me
I don’t know cause I ain’t listen, I ain’t missing, I ain’t missing
I’m the nigga with a mission, got a plan and the vision
I want the crown, you ain’t understand that?
Fuck it I want the ground, niggas run around blocks, I run the town
I don’t chase a dream, nigga I hunt it down, and never close an eyelid
Never met Los, you never know I’m fly as shit
But try this on, seeing how it’s feeling,
That you could never be number two, so see I ain’t shitting you,
You could only be number 1, and I see why it’s pissing you, off
Soft niggas lack the backbone and the heart, you don’t even act wrong in your thoughts
And it’s moving the nigga to act wrong get depart
Or we can take two no drama queen, get the director cut, I don’t mean behind the scenes
I’ve been doing this shit since Francis and Yao Ming
80’s baby, fly on the low life
Tracy Mcgraddys eye on the low, when I had gold teeth and I was high on the dro
And my big homie had a whole pie on the stove
Had my eye on the goal, hog tie on the floor
And even when I ain’t drive, I walk fly on a hoe, LOS!

Updated: 29 December 2017 — 18:55

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