Kidd Kidd, K Camp, Tink & Raury – XXL Freshmen 2015 Cypher – Part 1

[Kidd Kidd:]
People count your blessings
They don’t see when you stressin’
Follow me on Instagram like I’m in heaven
Told my baby momma, I’ll have it in a second
You think she tryna hear that shit?
My flow is a weapon, I’m on every record
Tryna kill that shit, I’m hot as piss
But I’m still not shit
Got off the road with 50 cent, Kidd you still not rich?
But I’mma serve these dimes ’til I pit that brick
If my life was a disc I’d skip that shit?
Nigga, roaches crawling on me in my sleep
Shake ’em out the sheets
The toilet never worked and the faucet always leaked
Ain’t nothin’ in here to eat
Around them heroin addicts who shoot up in the veins of they feet
That shit gave us the jeepers creeps
But a nigga had to get it though
I wasn’t a d-boy by choice I had to get this dough
I mean, they needed a hit and I was ready go
They needed a fix and I was really broke
With that white, I could whip a miracle
I swear this rap shit is a miracle
He was cool with you, what you had to kill him for?
Only the man in the mirror know
Situation is getting critical
Another child is born, I’m hoping he’s identical
Really though
One of you niggas know who the fuck hit my package
Hundred dollar slab tryna stretch it like elastic
Man trappin’ been got me trapped in
Macho man, Randy, I’m a savage
I took what I could salvage
Nigga, who the fuck laughing?
Since elementary out the penitentiary chances
Over your Nike Airs I’mma leave you gasping
Who the fuck laughing?

[K Camp:]
Shout out to Northside
Look, if you know me, you know I give two fucks
Two forks, making meals like a food truck
I’m the new wave nigga, I’m the new wave
Sit back and watch the kid like a Blu-Ray
Been making hits nigga, Bobby Boucher
I been workin’, I ain’t called my bitch in ’bout two days
I could make your bitch go more than two ways
You better update your roster like you’re playing 2K
Light another blunt, take another sip
That nigga still cuffin’ he connected at the hip
Strap stay with me I’m connected with the clip
Let a nigga get wrong, I’m connected with the grip
Leader of the new school but you been knew
Do it for the village like a nigga Hindu
Popping big shit like I’m standing 10’2″
She said she like it K way, well shit, bring a friend too

Let’s go
I normally wouldn’t do this on a regular day
But since the time is of the essence
I’mma grace you with my presence
From the city where they sleep you like some Nyquil should
Where them niggas give you wings quicker than Red Bull would
Quick on my feet, I gotta eat
So I’m no longer on the healthy tip
Tryna make my dough extend, longer than a selfie stick
Self employed nigga but I’m no Dame Dash
Top of my class I ball without a shot in my ass
Without a doubt, these niggas rubbing off like Henna
They go behind your back and cross you like a pair of suspenders
They parent trap these women and leave them hanging like a tree leaf
Keef drop a record the only time they wanna be some real BDs
I read up on these new school rappers
Half of them not rappin’ let’s eliminate the fraction
I’m a multi-talented individual
You know that I’m potent
I make the game hold still like it’s a Kodak moment
Like the Kodak slogan
To get the cheese is the mission
When you work like how I work you take the boss’s position
I’m going off like 106 gotta cancel all these niggas
They sensitive as a bitch, more sensitive than my tits
And you ain’t even got bite
I pull a Kanye and strip a nigga from his mic
That’s just Chicago up in me
Trained to blow so please don’t make my fuckin’ city get windy
I make these niggas get dizzy for real
But I’mma feed the people bars like they need rehabilitation
Let’s not get wet up like some April-ass precipitation
I’m only here to make the music, inspire every kid that was told that they couldn’t do shit
I told God to have some mercy on niggas
Way I flow over the beat, I’m like a mermaid to the streets
Call me Tink though, Tink flow killing shit, go put your vest up
I run ‘D MCs I should change my name to Rev Run
Cause hip hop ain’t been the same since Pac died
Way these niggas actin’ they should be Atlanta housewives
Maybe that’s the reason I’m in love with the slow jams
Wouldn’t feel you niggas, even if we had to hold hands
And even if they throw bands I still wouldn’t budge
Niggas ain’t on shit and really I don’t give a fuck
You know, if, even if they throw bands I still wouldn’t move
Think Tink, realist nigga repping 3-1-2
It’s Think Tink, young Queen, sewing back to the breeze
Do it with poise, making noise with these African beads
You know what’s up

Yo, I’m back and crusading, industry is wack and deflated
Crack and we cave in, tryna get our ass on the station
But fuck the fans and all the favorites, I’m smacking your ratings
I give a fuck like George Bush did for African babies
Back to the basics, nigga are you Black or Jamaican?
Rap is outdated, boy you shoulda just graduated
And yeah, I coulda went to school, go to college and make it
To be a slave to a man that is fat and Caucasian
Councils of Satan want me in the studio making
Shit to keep your ass asleep like don’t nobody else make it
But boy keep your eyes wide, God himself speaks in signs
The number one reason is that East Atlanta is changing
Yep, Georgia, little north of Florida
South of Tennessee, we’ll take your number, what’s your order?
Let me get your ticket, take it to the chef
Bring it to your front porch, door, stoop, or step
Yep, I’m Hugh Hef cause I got all the bunnies
I been had them bunnies like I’m brown or white, it’s honey
Don’t talk to me money, try to say it’s cause I’m money
Sonny, I been had them bunnies since way before I had a punny
Bring tips and cash to me, actually bring it back to me now
Milking the game, swag of a fucking cow
Swag of a fucking goat, bigger each word I mutter
You mad? Just go harder but watch the names that you utter cause
I used to be a kid in the back, of a school bus full of black
Bad ass kids, doing bad ass shit
When the teacher say something talk back
Now I spit shit like a yak or a llama
People think I’m God cause I got a couple commas
And my songs are proof, that I’m Dalai like Lama
But I’m just a teenager with a Mac
And that’s that

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