Key Glock – No Flockin Remix

Yeah, Paper Roue Business, Yeah Yeah (Glock)

Young nigga, I been havin’ cash. I ain’t got a brag
All this money in my damn pocket the reason why I’m saggin’
Burn a nigga like a damn tan, I hit him and his man
I’m pullin’ up in that Audi fast, I’m bout to drop a bag
Smokin’ Gelato, you smoke 87. All I know is gas
Nigga don’t ask me where them hoes at
Boy where yo hoe at?
Brand new Glock, It’s extended clip. That bitch big too
You a fool if you think my niggas ain’t gone pull up and shoot
They let it loose, slidin’ in that coupe, with yo baby boo
Pourin’ 4s in that Mountain Dew, yeah you know how I move
Servin’ birds I like bread, chasin’ to it I break my leg
Thumb until I hurt my hand
Smokin’ gas straight to the head
These niggas talkin’ like they really bout it
We pullin’ up then we in and out it
With the grape, smokin’ on purple flowers
Trynna scrape the money to the sky like a tower
Got some choppers on the side of me
Yeah, my lil niggas gone ride for me
My lil bitch gone lie for me
I’m the shit these flies on me
Let a nigga come and try to take some
When he see that carbon bet he play dumb
My niggas I got stay sayin’ red rum
Throwin’ bullets like Brady nigga no Tom
Banana shit, ape shit, congo
Hit em with a 30 piece combo
Make it rain better get a puncho
Whole lotta everything, I’m commando
Fuck what you heard I’m just sayin’ though
Ask ya best friend, I’m the man hoe
We don’t talk so these niggas layin’ low
We don’t talk so these niggas layin’ low
Ridin’ ’round and you know I’m trynna get it
I ain’t trynna talk bitch I just wanna hit it
Hit a lick with my nigga D, know we split it
Karate Kid, Glock leap when that chopper kickin’
Gnats wanna talk every time I come around
When they see Glock man you know they face sour
I don’t give a fuck I’m still smokin’ on sour
I don’t give a fuck I’m still smokin’ on sour
I don’t give a fuck I’m still smokin’ on sour nigga

Nigga, No Flockin’
No motha’ fuckin’ flockin’ nigga
Whole lotta everything, boy

Updated: 27 February 2018 — 20:11

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