K.A.A.N. – Usery

Working all God damn year just got my check
I’m gonna spend it all on me
(Yup, Yuh yuh yuh etc)
Man Fuck all that shit nigga, we just finna go the fuck in, no motherfucking hook no dubs, none of that shit
Just a nigga rapping for 3 minutes, you don’t like this shit, turn this shit the fuck off then

Somebody tell me what the fuck it really look like
I been talking to the shadows on the wall nigga
Bipolar than a motherfucker need to get a new bottle of pills
Keep it real kill all niggas
Hope you bringing unlimited ammunition, you’ve hidden within a brim of your goose, down hill figure [?]
Conversating with my delegates, delegating rules and regulations with censorship in my sentences
I know that shit seem irrelevant, I’m so crazy I’ll take a mother fucking blade to my relative
Tell them niggas at the top, that I’m coming for the spot, won’t stop, their so motherfucking tentative
Now pay attention cause it’s evident
You’ll learn something if you listen to my motherfucking elegance
I destroyed the evidence, and if the glove don’t fit I bet a nigga get acquitted, bitches

Get the fuck up out my face cause I don’t wanna hear your tape
Every line that your rhyme is embarrassing
[?] unbiased
I overdose with a terrapin, me and booma [?]
Rippin up rap riff for pharmaceutical connoisseur
Lionel Richie the commodore, commandeering the carnivore
This is lyrically nautical, hold it down like a barnacle
Sound is overly audible, audience of the audio
Automatically delegate, celebrating with decadence
Searching for the derivative, deriving from the fact that I’m black
Refusing to give a shit, Kendrick put out “Control” and motherfuckers got sensitive
Caught up in your feelings revealing that you the biggest bitch
Passion in a paragraph, pain in the words that I speak
You the realest nigga living if you practice what you preach
They put a cold ass killa on a mothafucking beat
Had to rip it to you niggas running rampant in the street
Don’t touch that body let that motherfucker leak
Extremities in the freezer, I’m a motherfuking beast
In a white padded room with a one of a kind jacket
While offering niggas medicine, medicate with the mescaline
Before the medication they forcing the mastication
While fornicating the kid, is the copious complication
The mental asphyxiation of over-exaggeration
I’m guessing you really like it, the sound was pretty enticing
I run this shit like a viking, sweet enough of a vicodin
Inviting any villain to battle, whenever hassled I strangulate with a tassel
To curbstomp on the gravel, I’m passing on my aggression but never passive aggressive
Reciting an aphorism, expecting an aborigine, acceptance is in the goal
Subliminally controlled, to minimize your emotion, give me all your devotion
I spit a lyrical portion, and give a poisonous potion
I treat it like an abortion, I kill it but can’t support it
It’s dangerous Rigor Mortis, the realization of it
The dollar is what you covered, that’s [?]
Cause nigga’s offered their custom, I’m not going to give a [?]
The page is a punching bag and my words give a concussion
Yeah my words give a concussion, cousin

I guess I had to hit the brakes something, just a nigga trying get a second window
I’ve been knocking at the motherfucking door, like is anybody there tryna let a nigga in though
Oh well back to the drawing board, I guess a nigga gotta go and pick it up (up, up, up, up)
Middle finger to everyone of you haters, why you acting like a nigga is supposed to give a fuck (fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck)
I gotta a whole lot of hate, little love, paranoid so a nigga personally don’t trust
I guess I gotta take it down for a minute, I’ve been going too fast and I need the people to get it like
Uhh that’s nasty, flow is retarded my style is ridiculous, murder the witnesses
Pray for forgiveness, repenters with pennies perpetual killer that’s pissed like a semi
To bury a nigga in the cemetery, position may vary, production is scary
You killin’ this shit man is that necessary
Before my survival I murder my rivals, the smoke from the barrel infuses the bible
Don’t get it confused bitch I’m still suicidal
So call paramedics to check on my vitals
I’m nervous as fuck like this my first recital
Your flow is on lay away, rhymes are recycled
The mind of a nigga is missing a light
Someone say a prayer, tonight is the night
My angelic lyrics were given no limits
Like gold plated tanks in New Orleans, my nigga
I’m shocking your system, like slim with a grievance
I’ll go for my ghost, till the day I stop breathing
Motherfucker better believe that
That’s it…

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