James Gang – The Bomber (Closet Queen / Bolero / Cast Your Fate To The Wind)

When I became of age, my mama sat me down
She said, “Son, you’re growing up, it’s time you looked around.”
So I began to notice some things I’ve never seen before
That’s what brought me here knockin’ at your back door
Oh, yeah

A closet queen, a bus stop fiend
It wants to shake my hand.
I don’t want to be there, she decides she can
It’s Apple Dan, he’s just the man to pick fruit off your branches
I can’t sleep and we can’t keep this cattle off our ranches
Oh, oh… yeah

[Instrumental Bridge – Bolero – Cast Your Fate To The Wind]

It’s too strong, something’s wrong, I guess I lost the feeling
I don’t mind the games you play, but I don’t like you dealing
The cards looked bad, the luck’s been had and there’s nothing left to smoke
We’ll all be back tomorrow for the punchline of the joke

Oh, Oh… Oh, Oh…

Updated: 30 December 2017 — 02:32

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