J.I.D – XXL Freshman 2018 – J.I.D Freestyle

Fuck what a nigga say because my mama think I made it
Lift my head to the skies, I try to begin prayer
Thanks to the maker, got me out of an awful place
My nigga gone for 17 years like a cicada
More than a motivator, immortal and innovative
Endorsin’ with pectoral fins
Swimming through the waves and cause a habeas corpus
I’m orbitin’ through my days, I’m fortunate
I ain’t come in this bitch to be fuckin’ famous
I just hope when you hear me that you hold me in high regards
Not as high as your God
Maybe the stars moving a couple mountains ajar
Ajayi, a juke move fitted up the side line, then a pylon
Biddy-bye-bye, dickdid-dickdie now
We don’t let bygones be bygones
We buy guns and squeeze like a python until the night come
The bear to right, uhm, the right to bear arms so we could fight
I get my shine on, Belt of Orion, cut on the lights
And when I die just take me to Zion and kill me twice
It’s like my second life, my second-second line
I put this noose around my neck just to accessorize
Ridin’ in this coupe terrified
12 try and petrify a nigga with petty crimes
“How you feel about me don’t matters like black lives
Nothin’ even matters, dog,” I heard that when I was five
That’s around the same time my big brother had shown me his.9 and let me hold it
Literally what I call a 9 to 5
Ten times out of nine, I prolly wouldn’t survive
But sun do what my gun do, rise
Guns drew, this the last hoorah
Takin’ lives ‘fore you dudes take mine
Take your time, these things take time, tickin’, tickin’
Typical flow to keep you niggas on the tip of your toes
Lo and behold, make your temple explode
Give and go, pick and roll
Never listen to the rigmarole
This rigor mortis make your temperature cold
Woah, woah, I don’t troll, bro, I been in my mode
I’m a full schizo with a duel Pistol, that’s a cool visual
That pocket missle pop a pimple, hit him, he bent over
Give me the tempo, bika-bow, bika-bow-da-boom
It’s a elephant and cow in the room
I’m the pride, bruh, how ya doin’?
You better bounce ‘fore I make a move
Don’t got the juice like you say you do
I’m finna be like a saber-tooth
Wreck a roof, any booth, anybody get it too, you ain’t invisible
Shootin’ at us, metaphysical, put ’em in critical, critical, uh
Finna get ’em, finishin’ ’em, benefit ’em, then I’m finished with ’em

Updated: 31 July 2018 — 19:21

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