G-Unit – Ordinary

[Intro: 50 Cent]
G-G-G-G, G-Unit!
Ha ha! WOOOOO!

[50 Cent:]
That’s ordinary, this excellence, when I fuck up, I correct the shit
Let security, come get this bitch, my nigga, I said come get this bitch
Nigga tryna shine with my diamonds shinin, they say they’re grindin, no never mind it
That’s ordinary, that Burberry, fuck what it costs, we don’t rock that shit
That new Rolls ain’t new to me, six months ago, I got that shit
You know a nigga a beast when I’m out on the street; frozen cube and frozen Jesus piece
Your main hoe be stalkin me, I had to block the bitch on my IG
Postin pictures where I be, tell that other regular shit she wan’ try me

[Chorus: Trey Songz sample]
Don’t you hate an ordinary nigga? (I do)
Drinkin on ordinary liquor (we don’t)
Niggaz spendin ordinary money (whoa-oh-oh-oh)
We don’t ever fuck with basic bitches (that sounds crazy)
Your bitch got on ordinary heels (boy what you doin?)
Can’t tell you how ordinary feels (oh-ohh-ohh)
I pull, I pull, any girl and she’s with it (she with it)
I’ma, hook her, up with other bitches

[Kidd Kidd:]
(Hot Boy) with cold (Cash), check out my N.O. swag
Nothin fresher than toe tags when I pull the trigger at yo’ ass
Rap niggaz got no chance, I ain’t even go in my bag
Run through paper like a notepad, what you know about it with yo’ broke ass?
All my mind irregular, all you smoke is regular
And your hoe’s too regular, find a runway and go step it up
I do this on the regular, base is you basic
Same shit, you ordinary; [?] in a mortuary, huh!

[Young Buck:]
Stepped the game up and tip the bitch, them niggaz you were with ain’t used to shit
I put ten bands in her hand; fucked then sent her home to her man
She said, “Don’t you hate an ordinary nigga?”
Pour up a fo’, I ain’t drinkin on ordinary liquor
This syrup got my belt holdin up these Levi britches
For real, I look like drug money but I keep my bitch ridiculous
I said “Baby, I’m the realest, even though I’m not the richest”
I’m still gon’ bet 50 these fifty racks ma holdin figures
What you wanna do? We all got bands

[Interlude: Trey Songz sample (50 Cent)]
He ordinary, ordinary (whatever you wan’ do)
Ordinary, ordinary, whoa-ordinary, ordinary (yeah)
Ordinary, ordinary, ordinary, ordinary (nigga got on regular shit)
Whoa-ordinary, ordinary (AOWWWWW!)

[Lloyd Banks:]
Don’t think I’ma choose, kickin back, foreign shoes
Watch me make and break all the rules.. do all the moves
Eye candy out of yo’ dream, feel me out, I’m on steam
Please, I’m out of your league, Visa’s found in my jeans, these 2014’s
Please deny to your fiends, normal walls, I ain’t been, all my girls, you a ten
Thank the Lord I ain’t them, in the store, I ain’t spend
Spendin time’ll get me nowhere, I’m mismatchin the whole year
Peace sign to ’em like “Later,” countin these stacks when the slip clear

[Tony Yayo:]
She shop on cloud 9, live on Saks 5th
Her closet game on some Kim Kardash’ shit
Draft night, she lookin for a first round pick
Shorty thinks I’m Andrew Wiggins, tryna fuckin hit
The nothin in her lifestyle basic
Canary Island, black sand and Chanel slips
…I said this girl is extraordinary
“Monster Ball” the movie, get to fuckin, she like Halle Berry


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