Envy – What We Here For

[Verse 1: Nicolay Sereba]
Welcome to the come up
Let’s get ready to rumble
ENVY done created a bubble
The pressure’s on, but we won’t pop
Seeing red, but we don’t stop
From the jungle
Always down to earth and humble
Serving up hits like combos
Trying to leave the limelight
And I’m feeling that tonight’s the night
And I came a long way from singing all night, all day
So my mama can’t get rest
I came a long way from writing my lyrics
On school books, school seats, school desks
I’m choosing this life
I prefer the late night city bright lights
They say it ain’t right
But I made up my mind, hey

[Bridge: Vincent Dery]
And I don’t know where I’m going
If you with me let me hear you sing along
With me, oyioh
With me, oyioh
I guess the time right
Push your hands up to the skylight

[Hook: Nicolay Sereba]
And this is what we here for
Why we here, this is what we here for

[Verse 2; Nicolay Sereba]
Studio by my left hand, homies by the other
They say if I don’t go right then I don’t really love ’em
But do they love me if they keep me from doing my thing?
So many questions you don’t wanna direct at your friends
And I know exactly why y’all envy
I can take my last piece of change and, bet it on ENVY
Guarantee blow-ups, spitting over dynamites
I’m Frankenstein, waiting for the lightning strike


Updated: 26 February 2018 — 02:08

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