E-Dubble – Karaoke Night

Whats up girl, how are things
Its karaoke night so you got to sing
I’ll go first, take your time
Hungry like the wolf when the crowd is mine
4 more shots, now you’re good
Singing attitude like I know you would
Spill your drink, thats just fine
Cause we’re singing karaoke in the summer time

I grip that mic, but never when I’m sober
Feel’in like a rich man that never drove a rover
Thats ok cause I never need a whip
When the bar is the only place I ever have to get
So lets get comfy, lets get friendly
I love the way you dress like a nerd thats trendy
Just like me cause I do the same thing and I wear the same jeans but I never feel plain
So put that drink down, we gotta dance now
Olivia Newton has got me in a trance now
I throw back brain washed as a little guy
12 jackin gingers now I’m just a little high
Feel good when I’m movin them feetskies
You look great as you shake to the beatskie
DJ please play another jam, and mix it right so I don’t stop dancing


I’m on that ray Charles go hard type shit
Look at me [?] ya I got perfect pitch
Not really but the booze is my auto tune
[?] then I caught a few
Rock that mic, got so hype
With the backup dancers walking the moon like Mike
Ya, no drinks on my tab, let the [?] buy those
My credit is quite bad
Ya, but I’ll still tip you’re pants off
Yup, now lets get those pants off (what)
My room is a dance hall, and I’m the selected peeped the damn dance song
Ya, top hats and silk scarfs, we got no money but fuck it we live large
We got no money but fuck it we still stars


The illest kid with the cordless
Flippin 80’s hits in the mix is gorgeous
2010 cool hurt can’t ignore it
Shits enormeous
Nobody wanna follow me so they forfeit
And Evan’s, watlzin
Look at us get it in
We take a shitting bar and make it dope like heroin
[?] for poor sales yah we the medicine
On a better crowd then we are the veterans
[?] into Hampden [?]
Put the ll on ill rock the bells boy (eugh)
I’m a monster like hell boy, squads on my back so relax the deltoid
Keep pullin the old strings, you were playin the wall you’re girl bought me my drink
She likes the way I sing
And we about to dip out so you better not blink


Updated: 30 December 2017 — 22:06

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