Dilated Peoples – The Bigger Picture

[Hook – Krondon:]
I learned when I was growin’ up
Sometimes you, sometimes me
Always love
Train hard, now my focus up
Got it all but ain’t had enough [x2]

[Verse 1 – Evidence:]
I’m out the shed and the tools brand new
Dear mama dropped them jewels that I never ran through
The most driven never sat up in the back seat
The most forgiven never flagging down a taxi
That’s my word if it’s meant to outgrow
Like I used to run home to catch the last of my show
Some move to the future other’s living it slow
Old tunes trying to find where the memories flow
You know I try to chase ‘em down no dragon
Shit, they shot a Beatle, do people still imagine?
I think the world could be a better place
No fam but I still set a table and I said it’s grace
I think I’ll let you in my life all access
Gift and curses, cursive closed captions
Misinterpreting the passion
Saving face ain’t a game, ain’t a time for retractions
I learned one way then front the opposite
I learned behind the beat, now I learned on top of it
I do go against the grain
I do take bigger pictures that don’t fit in the frame


[Verse 2 – Rakaa:]
Dip the scriber in the inkwell
Thoughts sketch a snapshot
Vibrant check the detail, now the family eats well
Used to cut the mold off bricks for grilled cheese melts
Wandering the crumbling castle wondering how the things fell
Mansions and lap pools to sleeping on back pews
Pictures and statues where roaches and rats moved
Faithfully I’ve seen it all alive, and I’m grateful
With Curtis Mayfield singing “Just be Thankful”
Slapping loud out a glasshouse, pearl enamel tooth color
Seasoned old cats then the ragtop, roof covered
Nodded and they nodded back, respect acknowledged
Got a fine arts degree plus the streets are a college
California campus, I’ve studied abroad
Bloodied the canvas, pondering atlas, “what if he shrugged?”
The rich lady asked, “what if we thug?”
Humanity said “I’m feeling drowsy what is the drug?”
Wake the team up, never alone but on my own two
Held the elevator, check the levels that we’ve grown through
Philanthropic maybe cause I did my dirt
There, I’m haunted, honestly I never fronted all is all I ever wanted
Keep an eye on hustlers, watch out for the schemers
No more kid gloves for the dreamers
Awake trying to live dreams physically, energy is extreme
Lessons of infinity are vivid on the big screen

[Hook x2]

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