DeStorm – 2012 Rap Up

We still here
No matter what they say, we ain’t goin’ nowhere
Tell ’em we still here
We still here
We still here
We still here

[Verse 1]
Uh, ok, DeStorm is back to wrap it up, Fab Five put the gold up
The entire web blacked out, they shoutin’ stop SOPA
We lit a torch in London, the Olympics is here
We got binders full of women, bring the Twinkies in here
Felix leaped from outer space, Gangnam Style did a bill
The NHL locked out and Ryan showed us his grill
Kobe passed 30k and Brooklyn got the Nets
LeBron secured his first ring and Tebow’s flying Jets
Assassin’s Creed, Black Ops and Halo came back
A Far Cry for all the fans when Pacquiao took a nap
Wii U, prince we see you from rovers on Mars
More skin at Grammys and Oscars and Brad won the NASCAR
Swear to God we saw a lot of Lincoln this year
Molly blew up, flooded like the Philippines, she’s everywhere
An uppercut, homophobe and Eddie resigns
Petraeus resigns, wait, Elmo resigned?


[Verse 2]
Yo, hol’ up
How could a bus crash in Switzerland, take so many lives?
Richard Dawson, Andy Griffith ride Sally Ride
Michael Clarke Duncan, Natina, she gone too soon
Dick Clark, Rodney King, Vidal Sassoon
Don Cornelius, Chuck, Davy gave us the tunes
Bradbury, Mrs. Summer, Neil he walked on the moon
We miss you Mrs. Houston, look at the state you let us in
Tried moving on up then we lost George Jefferson
A moment of silence for Sandy Hook Elementary,
The Aurora shooting and Benghazi, may they rest in peace
Curaçao explosion, a ship wreck in Italy
300 lives lost in Honduras penitentiary
North Korea shook launching rockets again
Israel and Gaza back to beefin’, get it poppin’ again
Riots in Afghanistan, I hear they burnin’ Qur’an’s
There’s no more money team, what the hell’s going on?


[Verse 3]
Uh, OK, Obama re-elected, Mason Betha back to wreck it
Rest in peace to Trayvon Martin, had to put you on a record
Sandy came through and wrecked a couple of states
And kush was legalized in a couple of states
Facebook’s IPO made a couple mistakes
A Cruel Summer, dropped The Hunger Games and records would break
I dropped my mixtape and Taylor Swift, she break up so easy
Karrueche and Breezy, Selena and Bieb
Weezy said he givin’ up rap
Dropped the iPhone 5 but Apple screwed up the maps
Frank and Kendrick made a killin’, Ray William left the building
And Kony had us praying for invisible children
Niggas be like, hoes be like: “What happened to Tom and Katie?”
YOLO was the word of the year and Kimye started dating
That’s crazy cause Wiz and Amber’s pregnant this time
Plus I never thought I’d see Amanda Bynes in a bind
Twilight’s done, Breaking Dawn, Avengers came strong
2 Chainz, ratchet music and Scandal is on
And everybody covered Carly Rae Jepsen’s song
And now we laugh at the armageddon cause the Mayans were wrong

[Hook x2]

Shout out to my mama and Jesus
I’ll see you 2013

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