Dan Bull – The Demma Rap Which Is About Dan Nerdcubed And Emma Blackery’s Joint Vlog Thing

You’re a-
Bout to see Nerdcubed and Emma Blackery
Sat on a settee
Having a chat and acting naturally
About the things that casually
Imagining or randomly
All the wacky things that happen
On the planet actually
Spaced out like you’re lacking gravity
Or watching our TV
First thing early on a Saterday
Bad for your anatomy
Addictive as tobacco leaf
Camarably as powerful as
The powerplant in Battersea
Whatever your locality
You’re welcome join the family
But be warned
There could be casual profanity
Wee all aboard before
The masses reach capacity
Internationally renowned
No need for nationality
We haven’t string attached
To our hospitality
We plan to leave you happily
Ever after that’s the strategy
You’d have to be
Daft to leave
And that’d be a tragedy
It’s Demma
And that stands for Dan and Emma Blackery

Updated: 31 December 2017 — 13:32

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