Canibus – Poet Laureate Infinity Vocal 4

Nobody do it better, there ain’t a truer Ripper,
I did this separate imagine what we could do together
Inspired by God, inspired by the suffering,
Was it done by a prophet? It must of been, who was it then,
Rip the Jacker, hot but cold blooded
Many utter the name but very few love him,
33 is the number that enlightens the Brothers,
Insight to the fullest, that could brighten the dullest,
The ramifications are awesome, what should we call it?
I call it my unacknowledged special access project, 10
Skull is a submarine hull,
In a cave below ground with a painting of Cthulhu on the wall,
Necronomicon grimoires,
Open the doors to the vortex that reaches from here to beyond,

The power to control thoughts however remotely,
Through a term I’d like to call “Pulse Detonation Poetry”
The results from SETI, very interesting,
I briefed the committee they told me to stop the testing, 20
My team was credited, turned over the evidence,
But not before I could leverage it, promotion to President,
Cover me, 8 point sighting device for the eyes,
Fire!!! Transition if you go dry,
Close your eyes, ritualize, spit your rhymes,
Without trying you can shift your mind,
Canibus altered the sequence of nucleotides,
Neuropeptides only get high off just mature Wine,
Start timing, Atomic Clock keeps time perfectly,
Mrs. Guutoff my band teacher always would work me, 30
Polyester pants, big fat ass,
I loved that woman so much, I paid attention in class,
My Spanish teacher Mrs Booker had an ass too,
Why am I talking about this to you?
One day this will be known for now it must wait,
I still love them both and I never forget a face,
At the time I used my Beta waves more than my Theta waves,
Then there was greater way I learned at a later date,
The rate of learning began burgeoning and wouldn’t let up,
Mommy noticed my vocabulary had developed, 40
Telencephalon olfactory lobes I had to practice,
When a woman has her period I smell it on the mattress,
It got to be difficult for any woman to live with me,
I know my history, but what could that mean specifically?
The story of Bruce Lee, I died in my sleep
I was weak, it happens with every girl that I meet,
A Clairvoyant Technique, using X-Ray refraction
Not only can you see into the future, see past it,
But I don’t know what it means I pass the DataStream along to my team,
They say it’s more than a dream 50
Killing caused by poisonous vapours, Lasers, Tasers, Masers,
Electromagnetic Scalars,
“That is not dead which can eternally lie
And with strange aeons even death may die”,
Listen to the rhymes, the rhymes equal Pi,
If I had a piece of the pie I could buy Dubai,
Rip the Jacker was born, the bow was drawn,
Spit a 100 bars before you could run a 100 yards,
I seen a mushroom to the north, from my porch,
It was odd, every dog in the neighbourhood barked, 60
You wanna stand there and talk?
A blast wave gonna tear more than your roof off, nigga c’mon!
It is my understanding, when I’m high I’m channelling,
But when I’m out with the family I am animal handling,
Observe the man with the Microsoft strand,
Or a 5th or a 6th, ‘cause way more advanced,
I remove the veil from in front of me, suddenly
The roots of my discovery uncovered skulduggery,
I am not innocent, but you cannot punish me,
‘Cause I know what the world wants to see, tragedy, 70
What is Germaine determined to ascertain for his self?
Few of the same elk have known what I felt,
There’s a Proverb that goes “One should know thyself
Before one can know the world”, so I showed myself,
The unidentified submersible, looked like a giant turtle half circle,
Yo, I need to stop smoking purple,
Requested, selected, elected, but that’s only impressive to the expert,
Who know how to manipulate my message,
You lazy and you wanna be the best? I repeat,
Don’t talk about consciousness being conscious-less and weak, 80
If I die and you happen to wake up, I’m still alive
Please explain my complete life story to my children,
Photo stills of the cryospill,
Solarized film revealed that there was a biofield,
Fuck a record deal, my training is real,
Look at the sword I wield, you will taste my steel,
Phase I, sign the MOU, pursue more voters
There’s three more phases that I think you should know,
The Phase II, build the force, Phase III, sustain Ops,
Phase IV, transition of all Border Cops, 90
Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si-Do
These are the tones that will activate the ohm,
No telling if it will bring out the best or the worst in you,
It would be a miracle if I was merciful,
Are you food for the moon? Or are you in the mood for doom?
Furniture moves when I walk in a room,
Stryker Brigade Driver, sometimes I was Gunner,
Checkpoints required all the concentration I could muster,
Special Weapons and Tactics, Professional Assassin,
I don’t know what he does for a living ask him, 100
I kneeled before Congress and begged for money,
Submitting specifics about the operation I’m running,
You gotta love it, what was it called? The G8 Summit,
“Never heard of it”, no details are public,
The relative radiance of the rhyme makes it shine,
Increasing the star wattage with longer cycle time,
Yeah, I bust the rhymes but I customize the lines,
And by the looks of things I did it just in time,
I marched from the Halls of Montezuma to Tripoli,
Physically this mission objective is killing me, 110
I submit to the will of the creator willingly,
The possibilities present a probable infinity,
I looked into LL’s eyes we both cried,
Meteors immediately fell from the skies,
I’ve apologized but I can’t change who I am,
I can change future, can’t budge the past,
Them pretty ass lyrics is for bitches with acrylic,
Only fake niggas catch feelings over silly shit,
Sports locked and loaded, zero you in from the pillbox,
Williams! How many kills you got? 120
The uniforms match so we all look the same from the sky,
The only time they notice the difference is when we die,
Is dying a wise thing? What about trying?
What about the family members back home crying?
Manmade weapons Starship Captain etc
George Lucas showed me a full sized replica,
Circled for a fly over in a black Kiowa
Five soldiers including me and a pilot called Noah,
He passed over a top secret dossier folder half opened,
I noticed the words MOSES and CONUS, 130
MOSES is a new weapon system secret code,
CONUS is the continent of the US, I suppose,
The jump light lit up, Master Chief said “Let’s Go!”
All right men this is what we train for,
Williams you gotta go first, “if you say so, HALO”,
High Altitude Always Stay Low,
Gale Winds blowing, this might be the death of me,
The Airborne unit in the back of me jumped out next to me,
Gold chords from the organ cut down your swordsman,
Tell everybody to shut the fuck up when I’m talking, 140
The 1000 Bar race at an unrelenting pace,
Just in case Humans ever get to World War 8,
Do you believe in fate? Then how do you know?
When you finally get there, where will you go?
This ain’t no joke, you think I’m joking,
Everything frozen, melted, destroyed, broken,
Only the chosen find a way out,
Everybody move out! Make sure to stay off the main route,
Satellites watch me they think they got me,
Right hands turn left shoulders around but it’s not me, 150
Atmospheric Reentry a flying sighting, looked like lightening,
Striking blind, what the fuck’s frying?
Comparative image sharpness between artists,
I don’t think you know what you’re about to get involved in,
Give you a quadrillion dollars to be a partner,
If you are still worshipping money I think you are Godless,
Sulphuric Nitric Acid eat through the Labyrinth,
The foundation is cracking, we must take action,
Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth, B.I.B.L.E.
I take shelter in an old Missile Silo, 160
Hip Hop is blackened pot placed next to a kettle,
With my logo in it, a rigid rehomogenized metal,
Millions of you are unfamiliar with what I’m saying?,
Discuss it with your Chemistry Professor he will praise it,
Tri Quad Quintangulate where did the signal originate?
Try to find out more information,
The internal atheist outside the Matrix,
Sophia Stewart offered me a pill and said “take this”,
She asked me if I was followed, I told her I wasn’t,
I didn’t know the spy that sold me out would be my own cousin, 170
“Populace uniformed is a populace of slaves”,
Washington didn’t say it quite that way,
But it’s something like that, you get the point I’m assuming,
Poet Laureate Exclusive New Shit!
The message said “We should meet somewhere clandestine”,
Professor keep heading East to the Best Western,
Do not loose your bearings, keep checking your direction,
“Start Session point 666 arc seconds”
The budget is huge, I have doubts about spending it,
Concerning Cyclotronic Resonance, patents are pending it, 180
Canibus AKA “The Spitzberg Beast”,
Gave his Bicentennial Speech on Emerald Peak,
You’ll need a first aid kit for the verse I spit,
I am cautiously meticulous but artfully brisk,
A change is beginning every molecule is spinning,
Lyrics imitate the art, art imitates lyrics, can you hear it?
Signals bounce back and forth like a mirror,
With flawless error, like that forever
Surface the air radar tells me where they are,
Are they far? I patiently watch the sweep arm, 190
We can find them but they can’t find us,
Just below Mach 3 the rhymes ionizes,
I’m hooked on Hip Hop, I can’t live without it,
You can mix this song a thousand ways I don’t doubt it,
The daughters of man locked in prison camps,
With the sons of mothers that are too weak to dance,
At least we notice damage, what do we expect,
The coming super storm is gonna wipe us off the map
But that is not possible, that’s sounds completely illogical,
You must’ve been kicked the fuck out of school 200
Always remember the Reptilian agenda,
“No Pulse Rendered” in the earthquake’s epicentre,
I found fluoride in my water supply,
At the time I felt a total apathy towards dying,
The ungrateful dead reoccurring images playing in my head,
I was told to memorize what I was said,
“With this salt I consecrate this water,
may whatever it touch receive Hallowed Light coming from Them.”
“With this sacred water I consecrate this Talisman
so that it will make me Poet Laureate” 210
Otherwise I’ll be so depressed, oh well no regrets
I been toe to toe with the best, I ‘Know the Ledge’
I accept all cultures, colours, creeds and races
Life is Life no taxonomical classification,
No corruption, no disruption, no destruction, no budget, no nothing,
It’s never that easy, you just gotta trust it,
A leader that feels beleaguered to teach the youth,
The Youth will refuse to follow if they don’t believe you,
There is strength in numbers there are numbers in strength,
Nothing good comes from hatred, Love’s the missing link, 220
Even if I am in a minority of one,
The truth is still the truth no matter how it’s spun
My mind is prepared, Hip Hop is impaired,
If you disagree with me then yours isn’t there.

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