Canibus – Poet Laureate Infinity V003

“Cycles of time; it is ubiquitous it goes all over the place
It’s ancient, it’s one of the most ancient symbols there are
And this is an interpretation of what that actually means”

This is never been done before with a rhyme outside the realm of time
It’s the first of its kind

Nobody do it better, there ain’t a truer Ripper
I did this separate imagine what we could do together
Inspired by GOD, inspired by the sufferin’
Was it done by a prophet? – it must of been
Who was it then? (Rip the Jacker)
Hot but cold blooded, many utter the name but very few love him
Other emcees be nervous or somethin’
Rhymes in abundance, Hip-Hop Justice
Rappers are captured and punished
The Polar Manitoba’s melted by lava
A team of ER doctors climbed aboard the chopper
My skull is a submarine hull
I empty the ballast tanks I could smell the shit from the sea gulls
My mind dives deep beneath yours
Poseidon Trident Seahorse bubbles form I scream with extreme force
Marinari’s Trench detour to Ultima Thule
Let me explain what my sonar saw
This is the greatest rhyme of all time supposedly
Through a term I’d like to call “Pulse Detonation Poetry”
Industrialists, civilians women and children directly
Military chiefs, aristocrats in buildings
Membership is based off your raw intelligence
400 screen video editing with hard evidence
Imagine being fined over a rhyme for steppin’ over the line?
When I inspired Hova and Nas
Recite 33 3’s 33 times
For 24 hours, 21 thousand Nautical miles
Don’t be upset with Canibus yet, the kids just want respect
You been a success but what do he get?
Devine design, a miracle of Metallurgy
Every clergy member from Mecca who heard of me worshipped me
I got away nervously, talked about it purposefully
Next time I see it, it’s gonna have a word with me
The Biological Chemical emergency
I purchase the beat; I resumed PsyOps on the enemy
Mix the blood so it don’t coagulate
The sex magic won’t work if the bitch masturbates
Nobody can hold me back, my flow bloviates into a spiritual shape
A capsule in Space, no emcee could rhyme like this, there’s no challenge
His Poet Laureate should pontificates balance
Telencephalon olfactory lobes I had to practice
When a woman has her period I smell it on the mattress
Advanced Step In Innovative Mobility
Most emcees try to clone me lyrically
They can’t battle me so they’d rather embarrass me
But I need a volunteer, do I have any?
The NASA contractor with a satchel of answers
I passed up the Nobel Peace Prize for my passion
Most of you will never understand what I mean
My dreams are broken into storyboard scenes
Kill you with green Lasers, evaporated weed vapour
Electromagnetic Scalar then somethin’ they call a Maser
“That is not dead which can eternally lie
And with strange aeons even death may die”
The leaders lies got me reassigned, my loyalty was redefined
They will not be allowed to see the rhymes
In a town near Kadam and Kakrak Jalalabad
I pray in a hut constructed from Sago Palm
I’ma take you for a walk thru a beautiful place called Honey Swamp
We’ll shoot hoops at Mosquito Lagoon Park
Emotion manifest Thought
Thought manifest Words Actions and Reality
That’s how it has to be
The overseer of poetic antiquities
Victoria and Albert Museum kept them for me
Inject the gas into the centrifuge mass
The Teleological Dynamic will enhance
I remove the veil from in front of me
Suddenly, truly, there is too much to see
The Law of Attraction is attracted to me
The Laws of Poetry in action is practiced quite actively
My body did not melt beyond the Van Allen Belt
I was transformed into a spirit with no shell
I’m modifying the weather from behind a weather shield
Writing with a feathered quill, gettin’ more ill
I hope I am not alone, that would be terrible
If I am celebrating and that’d be a miracle
At least for my interconnected introspective perspective
The more pretentious, the more apprehensive the sentence
Hip-Hop made me, Hip-Hop praise me
Ain’t nothin’ changed me since 1980
Involuntary catalepsy, BATTLE ME BABY!!!
1000 BARS NIGGA!!!, Zero Vector System
Brain waves reveal High Yield E&D Fields
Chew emcees like I’m eatin’ a meal
Normal life is not real; we are just cogs in a wheel
We work, we hurt, we search, we feel
The microphonist that utilizes the study of Conics
Circular motion in both the Para and the hyperbolas
Mad Max beyond Thunderdome under Red Rock
It’s no use if you can’t use what you got
Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si-Do
These are the tones that will activate your ohms
Who have lost their faith, who have lost their hope
Who have lost their point, who have lost their own
Are you food for the moon? The potion is you
Just in case you try to poison my food but I want you to
Rap music and those who listen to it don’t owe me nothin’
I don’t want nothin’ from you, not even your judgement
I ride on a flatbed chariot, four Ostriches carry it
I control their movements with lariats
Polygraphs flutter, the Love Craft, Craft Lover
I don’t want it, that’s why I’m rarely seen in public
If I were you I wouldn’t waste time readin’ rubbish
I don’t care what you say nigga, you’re a nigga lover
The relative radiance of the rhyme makes it shine
Increase the star wattage with longer cycle time
How’s my driving? Run you off the road smiling
1-800 Road Rage, Start dialing
Don’t care if I make history, I wanna be a part of INFINITY
Look at what your SUN GOD did to me
I submit to the will of the creator willingly
The possibilities present a probable infinity
I climbed the slope shaped like a stop sign in record clock time
Hot Lava lock rhymes, rock slide topside
At the Observatory summit of Mount Graham
Lookin’ through the starlight scope in my hand
Creative writing and rhythm, grammar and composition
Don’t ignore me, ignore the fool who tell you don’t listen
Strivin’ my principle findings by designing a new style of rhyming
That you could take home and try out
A 100 Bars per hour, sometimes I doubled the writing
Secret signature time equals the hardest part to figure out
Poetically Paralyzing, Where Are You? Are you hiding?
No! I am Sandbag diving?
From the Kinetic to the Energetic
St. Germaine was made to explain the lesson with a 1000 bar message
Straight out the freak show no pre show
Limited oxygen when I rhyme fast you breathe slow
The Pope shook; they ransacked Rome and burnt books
I ran back home to hide mine in the woods
MOSES is a new weapon system secret code
CONUS is the continent of the US, I suppose
I don’t have all the answers I am not in the know
I can only see what is above and only from below
Substratum of reality through the thick cloud canopy
How can it be Canibus? Answer me!
My shelter is not far, you can borrow what you need
The bunker doors sequestered beneath the tall tumble trees
Gold chords from the organ cut down your swordsman
Tell everybody to SHUT THE FUCK UP when I’m talkin’
From a very cold place called Faraday Base
Right next to the South Poles longest Ice Strait
My dream was identical seven nights in a row
I saw a sideways 8 wrapped around a microphone
Extraterrestrial Isotopic ratios
A broke Scientist in his Lab with no place to go
Fire and Ash fallout, that’s what it’s all about
We must construct a shelter then build a wall around it
Geography is conducive to Astronomy
And the study of celestial bodies, biopsy
My austere designs are so ahead of their time
Even when you press rewind you’re still left behind
I blasted thru the limestone with water, mixed with a dissolver
Then I signaled the remaining cave crawlers
Dig a hole for the collateral carnage, battle the hardest
Take out Hip-Hop trash and garbage
On the Sabbath I write preplanning for the Planet
Drawin’ mechanics, suspended in space as holographic
The Quarantine Isolation Unit is where I house it
My team and I salvage the work of Dr. Fritz Albert
Hip-Hop is blackened pot placed next to a kettle
With my logo in it, a rigid rehomogenized metal
Greetings and Salutations, my equations are inundated with information
Electro Cranial Stimulation
Password please? Have patience, verification
I repeat, “What’s Your Character String Verification?”
Battle rap is just aimless entertainment
+2nd round K.O.+ was one of they favourites, fuck all the haters
Responsibility entrusted
There’s only one way for me to prove that I love it
That’s why I’m bustin’
I turned the page, wrote a turn of phrase,
Verbal X-Rays, they say “I don’t burn I blaze”
Attach the piezoelectric transducer to your computer
Poet Laureate is the future!!!
Next time we meet this whole song will be a new mix
For all the Rippers out there who need a new fix
With these lyrics, I consecrate the spirit
Whenever I spit it, concentrate you could hear it
I’ve almost perfected this
I’m one word away from excellence
Cyclotronic Resonance, patents are pendin’ it
Can-I-Bus a/k/a “The Spitzberg Beast”
Gave his Bicentennial Speech on Emerald Peak
What are you building Bis? Is it a flyin’ Silver Disk?
GW I’m positive it’s him
I proof read my writtens, eat a chicken with the skin missin’ in 10 minutes
Now that’s some shit! You think that’s fast? Nah
That’s faster than you think, by the time you blink, the whole Universe shrinks
We’ll observe the Gods, my thoughts graduated to the Stars to infinity
Listen to the bars, thick rhymes compartmentalized
Seperatized to prevent bootleg pirates gives me energy when I’m tired
I’m hooked on Hip-Hop, I can’t live without it
You can mix this song a thousand ways I don’t doubt it
Several million years into the past
The primitive future in a world without oil and gas
Gather the evidence then give it to the President
Don’t reprimand him, ask him for help next
I hold Hip-Hop responsible
Every magazine writer that wrote bullshit in his article
Always remember I’ll be gone forever
I made these bars so you could all remember
The rhymes in my mind when I autograph sign
I can’t wait to sign an autograph for the last time
The ungrateful dead reoccurring images playin’ in my head
Every color in America bled
Canibus grabbed the mic like an energized amulet
Then spit a rap that you can’t forget
“With this sacred water —
I consecrate this Talisman so that it will make me POET LAUREATE”
This is a no brainer, stop the complainin’
If Hip-Hop was dead I came here to save it
Classified payloads, no frequency safe modes, no safety
And I still made time for the ladies
No corruption, no disruption, no destruction, no budget, no nothin’
It’s never that easy you just gotta trust it
The spin off from the Press should be able to feed you
But I declined, ’cause I’m familiar what greed can do
I sit down and think, when I write I can smell the ink
It’s the dark skinned Lizard King
Metronome Man will never take commands from the drum
The beat is my slave and it will behave as I want
I heard Hip-Hop was dead, that’s not fair
Who I talk to? “Go he there, Nasir”

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