Bugzy Malone – Trademark #Malone™

Bugzy Malone
Ya know
Watch this

I’ve come a long way from hustling
Serving them customers and tussling with niggas on the block acting ridiculous
Sucking my teeth treating bitches like they owe me
I’ve spent several nights with girls that hardly know me
I don’t think theres a new kind of pussy you can show me
I’ve seen real killer niggas snitching on their own homie
That’s pussy
I’ve come a long way from mummies house
In fact I just moved my mummy down south
Now she’s living real kushy
I’ve come along way from seeing hoes and telling them who knows, leading them on
As if I’m not fussy
And I apologize if I lied saying I could feel the emotion inside
I’ve never been that touchy
You’re looking at that Bugzy Malone and I don’t know
But I could be the very best thing to come out of my city
If not, I just wanna know one thing
Why do all these pretty bitches wanna fuck with me

All of a sudden they wanna know my real name
But that’s irrelevant I don’t tell them nuttin’
I’m a connoisseur of music and a lyrical extraordinaire
Plus I’m a poet but don’t call me Charles Baudelaire
So if you see and I’m walking acting normal, no gas just humble
Know that I’m tryna’ clear the air
Give me a house on a hill somewhere sunny
Fuck fame fuck money who wants to be a millionaire?

While you’re living hear, breathing in this filthy air
Nobodies happy, everybody’s disappointed
To make money in the system you’ve gotta be double-jointed
The system and the devil are definitely acquainted
I regret telling certain fake niggas we’re related
Moved in a gang, committed crime on a daily basis
Give me a super bike and 10 minutes, I’ll be at the crib
Give me a bally and a semi-automatic and I’ll flip
Run in the house, redecorate the place red
Shit, I’ll paint the whole living room with your own head
That’s hungry
I’ll catch niggas while they’re in bed
I need paying, same time I despite feds’
See jail wasn’t the best, I had to pass time
4 days a week working only top chest
So when I left, I could show niggas I’m a bad guy
Could walk around the streets wearing my best vest
That’s bullshit

I’m just tryna’ see a nice change
It’s strange how my whole life changed
Now I’m a brand name, and I can spit game
To Kim Kardashian I’m like a Ray Jay
They say I’m insane, sicker than bane
‘Cus I’ll rip the mask right off of Bruce Wayne
I’ll do it bare faced, ‘cus I’m a smooth criminal
‘Suttin like MJ, without the court case

I’ll tell you one thing, I’ve come a long way, that’s a fact
It’s been a hard road, a real hard road looking back
Think man like Benjamin Rose try it with a nigga like me
Keep delaying my video if I was 16
I’d have done your face damage in such a bad way
The doctor would have panicked and just switched off the machine
Forget the morphine, does all that free lancing give you sore feet?
I bet you regret taking up graphics design
Turning up to video shoots with no team
And now you’re pissed off, I can see it in your eyes
‘Cus there’s a million of you but there’s only one me

I’m sorry that you couldn’t hold me back
I’m sorry that your head is too big to fit in your cap
I’m sorry that you’ve never been a hit with the women
Go running back to Kaya see if she will take you back
I doubt it

Hold tight the fans, the witnesses
You’re watching rags to riches, you won’t believe it when you see it

Updated: 29 January 2018 — 15:18

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