Boz Scaggs – Thanks To You

Thanks to you
I’ve got a reason to get outta bed make a move or two
Thanks to you
There’s a net below cause otherwise well I don’t know
And thanks to you
There are promises of laughs and loves and labyrinths
And reason to suspect that I’m meant for this
A smile a song a tender kiss
Thanks to you

Thanks to you
There’s a thing I think I know
I really mean or variations on that theme
Thanks to you
I have time to turn time to cool and time to burn
And thanks to you
There’s something suddenly too good to miss
In other words a way through this
And just when one might feel so perfectly alone
There’s someone else’s stuff to trip on besides ones own
Thanks to you

One can only guess what happens next
As it is I balk and stumble through a world gone quite absurd
Dodging shadows lurching through the rain
I’m not complaining but I’m caught
With or without you I’d have to get through this anyway

So where does the genius go when business is slow
And even dreaming has a way of scheming to get you down
Likely off at some chateau so how would he know
It gets as lonely up there as anywhere
Where moving over to make room once seemed impossible
It’s not impossible
That one handed applause
That unspoken word
That treefall in the forest someone finally heard
Thanks to you

Updated: 27 February 2018 — 08:08

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