Bobby Bare – I Was Coming Home To You

I stopped by at the party of an old friend
But then I saw this old sweetheart I once knew
And I vowed as I set me down beside her
That darling I was coming home to you.

Can I help it if she was going my way
And we talked about old times we used to know
And I’m sure we had that green light at the corner
Anyone who saw the wreck could tell you so.

I was only gonna drop her off at her place
And then darling I was coming home to you.

Then you came you saw her lying there beside me
Please believe me dear that romance is through
Even though I know you saw her arms around me
Darling, I was coming home to you.

Believe me darling, I was coming home to you…

Updated: 27 February 2018 — 01:51

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