Bart Baker – Royals Parody

I look like I took way too much Xanax
I have pubic hair on my head.
I’m so boring but I act like this on purpose so rebellious teens can relate to me

And even though this song is a huge hit and had great potential
I made a vid that is painfully dull
I don’t care you can’t tell but I just shat my jeans
And now I’m gonna list stuff that I think all rich black people love
Gold teeth, Cristal, and going to the club
Aw hell no!
You might as well say fried chicken also!

Yes my lyrics seem racist. (Racist)
But I don’t give a fuck hip hop culture totally sucks
Guys stop beating each other up

But this vid is so awful (awful) and we live in poverty, please just kill me!
No me!
No me!
No me!

Calm down guys watch some TV.
We don’t have fuckin cable!

All of my animals are dead. (Couldn’t take it. You were 2 scary.)
They killed themselves because I am a zombie.
And every one who says I’m racist I swear that I’m not.

I just live with skinheads
And now I’m gonna say more random luxurious stuff I hate
Running water, ass hygiene, and first aid
I don’t care.
I’m not getting tetanus in my dreams.
Even though this song hit number one and I have tons of cash
I would rather pretend I need food stamps
You fake bitch now how the hell am I supposed to eat?

All rich people can suck it. (suck it)
I am such a hypocrite even though now I am loaded.
I’m gonna act impoverished
Play this shit on repeat (repeat)
If you want to hate me and maybe you’ll see (you’ll see) (you’ll see) (you’ll see) how terrible I can be

God Damn It! Cut! That’s the fifth pair of guys that killed themselves before we can finish this boring video.

[Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor]
You know what! Screw this, give me my god damn crystal and jewelry, I am done.
Philippe call my Maybach driver and arrange the private jet, I’m going to Barbados to clear my head.
Get me out of here, kiss my ass peasants.

Materialistic bitch!

[Bart Baker]
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Updated: 29 December 2017 — 19:08

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