Bart Baker – Esskeetit Parody

Always doin’ drugs esskeetit (ESSKEETIT)
Cannot stand up straight lightheaded
Got a team of paramedics (ESSKEETIT)
Because I OD every minute
Poppin’ on X
Then I have sex with my Rolls Royce grille
Brain on retard
Listen up kids
Wanna be cool? Pop pills!

My whole body numb esskeetit (ESSKEETIT)
Fall flat on my face head dented
I was supposed to hear a helmet
My brain made of styrofoam pellets
All my lyrics stupid as shit
I wrote them blacked out
Woah I feel sick
Time to puke

He has no pulse!

Back to life to further ruin music
And to make more kids teenage drug addicts
I be snortin’ crack off my grandma’s tit
Got a weird Granny and Auntie fetish
And my urine 90 percent lean
Pee in my mouth das recycling
And my dog is smarter than me
That’s why I crash cars into trees

Pipes on pipes on pipes
I just smoked a buttload of ice
Downing laxatives like Bud Light
Das why I’m rocking this diap
I’m a drugged baby das right

Do somersaults in the grass then vomit
Suck down 30 xans and then pass out on it
Wake up in Aunty’s lap she clean my ass with Comet
Breast feed from my Gran’ in my new Gucci bonnet

Drug free gang is going dyslexic
Who wants free drugs gang? Come get it!
Fill my ba ba with unleaded
Why won’t this fit? I don’t get it!

Smokin’ on meth, smokin’ on meth
Lil Pump almost dead
My teeth in pain
I need cocaine
Got my braces tightened
I jork okk oo grider esskatet
Farh in ma way ekkatit
He can’t even form a sentence!
Iwah dooin’ sip gostetitt
Ahh bahh jo hep
Ahh bahh jo hep blappp

He’s paralyzed!
I think he’s died!
He needs life support stat!

Only wear designer esskeetit
Hopping out the Wraith esskeetit
Smashing on your bitch esskeetit
Running up a check with no limit
Poppin’ on X
Poppin’ on X
Poppin’ on X pills
Got a new car
Got a new bitch
And I got a new deal

Updated: 30 July 2018 — 07:21

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