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Vulfpeck – Mr. Finish Line

[Christine Hucal:] Mr. Finish Line Mr. Finish Line Mr. Finish Line He’s Mr. Finish Line [Theo Katzman Christine Hucal:] She said Step 1 Cut out the coco oil then you Step 2 A-Bring it to a boil then you Step 3 Cocoon it in the soil Then you fire roast it Freeze and toast it […]

Volbeat – The Devil’s Bleeding Crown

Falling from the sky, they’re cast out from the heaven’s light Drenching the soil with blood, baptized in the fire hole The Devil’s spawn no longer breathes Descending angels and fallen kings Raise your hands, what do you hold? The Devil’s bleeding crown! Call upon it’s Father, bless the goat, the womanizer Take him to […]

Valee – Trap

[Drugrixh Peso:] Drugrixh [Valee:] Take over your trap if it’s going real good 2016 left, and the steering wheel wood Percocet, the 5s got me feeling real good You won’t be alive if I shoot this real good My bitch real hood, I just poured an eight up I don’t feel good, my bitch got […]

Violetta Cast – Hoy Somos Más

Valió la pena todo hasta aquí (valió la pena todo hasta aquí) Porque al menos te conocí Valió la pena lo que vivimos (valió la pena lo que vivimos) Lo que soñamos Lo que conseguimos Valió la pena, pude entender Que cada historia es una razón Para estar juntos, para creer Para que sueñe nuestra […]

Vybz Kartel – Imagine

Imagine Smoking without police provoking Hennessy, the thugs dem a holding, drinking All a the garrison dem linking Sufferation disappear, strictly big thinking Everybody bossy, European fashion mostly Political system, sinking House of parliament, bare Rasta ruling Computer rise every level of public schooling Imagine Me free up every prison Who nah behave get the […]

Vedo – Slow

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Noooo ooohhh ye-yeahhh Vedo baby (Rock me baby) Look You let niggas get the best I know that you ain’t got much left But I say fuck it I’ll do some construction And work with it gimme the rest Girl you need me and I need you […]

VaShawn Mitchell – You Reign

Lord you reign, reign forever Lord you reign forever more Lord you reign, reign forever Lord you reign forever more The angels bow down at the thought of you, In adoration of your greatness and truth. The Earth trembles and the Heavens proclaims, Your royalty all power is in your name. Lord you reign, reign […]