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UGK – Money, Hoes & Power

[Jermaine Dupri:] Yeah Ha ha Yeah That’s right Motherfuckers, come on! It’s that lil’ College Park nigga, in fact, they call me “Long Dough” Niggas hate me cause I’m wearin’ platinum every song go (Yeah) Hoes love me cause I, cause I keep it comin’ strong and yo I’m a pimp with mine every time […]

Usher – Bad Girl

Sho nuff Shawty What it do? Oh Pimpin’, oh boy uh What y’all know about a supermodel Fresh outta Elle magazine Buy her own bottles Look pimp juice, I need me one Bad than a mutha I hear you sayin’ I need a bad girl If you’re a bad girl Players when you see me […]

Usher – Twork It Out

[Ad-Libs] Yo, check this here There’s nothing that I’d rather dothen spend this time with U. So why don’t we just chill and make a cold cold sexy. U know U sure lookin’right Spend some quality time U make me wanns cha, cha, cha, ah, cha, cha……. Yeah right there, jus’ keep it right there […]