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2Pac – Whatz Next

[2Pac:] Tell me what the fuck am I suppose to do Now what’s next Tell me what the fuck am I suppose to do Now what’s next [2Pac:] Caught up in the middle My life’s a riddle Don’t let it get ya I wanna be legal But it’s this hustle that get me richer One […]

116 Clique – 116 Intro

Yea, I wanna welcome all ya’ll to 116 Clique Compiliation. Holding it down for the Lord Jesus Christ. Lord we pray that you would use this to communicate your truth. Romans 1:16 baby, I ain’t ashamed of the Gospel of Christ. We cliqued up, we still unashamed and all serious dawg. You ain’t ashamed to […]

67 – Gxn Boyz

[ST:] These yutes can’t chat to my team Swear on my life, they ain’t did what we did Opp blocks, these clips do hang Holding about 25 or 6 [R6:] Gun Boyz [Oboy:] Man don’t fight like hulk I grab my hammer like 4 How many man been smoked I swear been more than 4 […]

2Pac – Military Minds

[2Pac:] Stand in formation, my motherfuckin’ real troopers Let’s do it like soldiers – all and together now! Ready? Hell yeah, y’all niggas better get ready No retreat, no surrender, death before dishonor motherfucker! Do it to ’em, c’mon never die thuggish, uh – YES YES YES Say what? (Eastside, Westside ride) Where ya at, […]

50 Cent – Can I Speak To You

[Verse 1: 50 Cent] Summer heat, hot, murder plots, niggas getting shot Chrome rims for sixes One wheel, one gixxer [slang for Suzuki GSX-R] Throw it up, one hand Wave back at the bitches I’m silent Right before I snap I’m violent I call myself the tussle, I’m the boss and the muscle Boy I […]

4Minute – Funny (웃겨; Utgyeo)

[Romanization:] Neomuneomu utgyeo utgyeo neo jinjja utgyeo utgyeo utgyeo utgyeo uhuhahahihiho cheotbeonjjae silsuneun bwajwottneunde dubeonjjae barameun ihae andwae yorijori nunchibwa geojitmari neureoga ni haengdong hanahana maeume andeureo ddanyeojadeulgwa itdaneun nae chingudeurui jeonhwaneun beolsseo myeotbeonjjaeya selsudo eobseo uhuhahahihiho jakkujakku useumman nawa neomuneomu utgyeo utgyeo neo jinjja utgyeo utgyeo utgyeo utgyeo neoui sarange jeomsureul jundamyeon neoneun X […]