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Hole – Old Age

And I will await your highness I’m so high I cannot walk And I will await You cripple You take away my pride My peace, my empathy No babies sleep on atrophy Your unborn love and fetal stress Hard bitter candy, legless caress What was she for Halloween? The ugliest girl you’ve ever seen Someday […]

H.E.R. – Against Me

Ay Yeah, yeah, ay, huh Na, na Da da, da da, oh yeah, uh I should’ve listen to my intuition I’ve put myself in this position It’s all my fault, look in the mirror think what am I missin’? Seeing thing different, oh am I lost? Feelin’ a way, nothing’s the same I wish you […]

HONNE – Me & You ◑

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind You came into my life with no warning like a flash of light And I was doing fine but as you came in I watch my future rewrite I’m not ready, I am not prepared I was so steady, I’m a feet but now I’m […]

Hayce Lemsi – Och Bad 2 (Bourbier)

Bourbier, bourbier, bourbier Eh Skro, t’es en place ? [Skro:] Les goûts et les couleurs ne s’discutent pas d’après les Blood’z et les Crip’z Je prends le trône comme poste fixe, tu vas croquer la chaussée P-S-O History X Les-les-les chiffres tombent, dans nos rues c’est la Matrix J’te donne du blé, tu fais de […]