Angra – Caveman

Olha um macaco na árvore
O outro naquele galho
Onde que não tô vendo
Embaixo daquela flor

Who are you?
Quem quer matar o diabo?
Atire a primeira pedra

Who are you?
Who you are you?

When a realized that we all will die
Like prisoners inside this cave
A thunder of truth have torn down the wall
That I couln’t stop to gaze

As the night went so cold
Darkness and fire
Reflecting a world of inner disire
Quem vai matar o macaco?
Hey, você quer um martelo?
Who are you?
Silence your mind
Let me inside
No reasons to be afraid
Feelings that burn
From thoughts without words
Just shadows of real things
As the seasons went on
You survived through the day
And now you’re grown strong
You can break all these chains

Crossing the border line
Beyond the knowledge of man
One simple step
A giant leap for mankind
Crossing the border line
The world outside the cave
Reaching the light
The future starts today

Updated: 26 February 2018 — 04:18

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