Xavier Wulf – Fuhrer Wulf

You can call me Titan Wulf or Young Führer now
I got fools mad as fuck cause I come truer now
Bitch I’m flawless as can be and you can’t do non’ ’bout it
You need to kill yourself, nigga think about it
Hatin’ on me will get you left out
And your girl think you’re lame, that’s what we’re textin’ ’bout
I got money in my hand, I eat whatever now
And I feed my people too, we do lil’ better now
Fuck all you rappers, I ain’t one of y’all
I hate you niggas, so I kill you off
Fuck the industry, I’m finna burn it down
Don’t think that we’re cool, bitch I will cut you now
Swimmin’ in his blood, that’s how that boy was found
Disrespect me and get your ass surrounded
When I speak, I can make these walls crack
I’m in full beast mode when I go attack
These fools want my style and I can peep that
But bitch I’m just too special, watch me switch that
Wulf Führer swingin’ like a maniac
I got the Mountain Boy jacket with the compass in it
The compass read fake niggas in all directions
But I ain’t trippin’, I put that blade up in ’em
The radio is awful, keep it from the children
I’mma lose my mind when they interview me
I’mma talk so bad them folks gon’ want to sue me
I’m smokin’ with your bitch, watchin’ Fooly Cooly
She want to fuck on me, but I won’t let her do it
I’d rather smoke my weed, while I keep it movin’

Updated: 30 November 2017 — 16:38

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