Wyclef Jean – Haitian V Intro

If I was president

Yea so… I walking through the MacDonald’s, right?
I go for a 10 piece chicken macnugget and a large spirit soda
But that gyal
She said hey buddy is it rappin?
I don’t know what that mean but…
She said hey buddy is it rappin because I knew Wyclef
To get him, to help him, to make him go to the top
I said listen lady, okay?
Wyclef not even rappin no more, okay?
He don’t even do that no more
You don’t see what he was doing, he’s naked on a motorcycle
You know, with grease
He don’t look good
And then, I leave there
I go to the corner store
All the people, they’re there
And then they played their music
Yes, that is a new album, I saw her blush
What is that?
That people shit was millie
So I guess I have to check it to see what Wyclef is doing
But I know he can’t have all the Haitian people
He can have some… not all
He even turn me down
He tell me – you don’t have a record bill for me
I say I’m going to the top, you 2 be plotting again
Youtube see Diamond like Carlos Santana
Madonna, you want to see a diamond like that?
Sign me man
Peace out, call you back
He never call me, no
He’s a pork, a bum, okay
So next time he call me I say shut your fuck up

Updated: 30 January 2018 — 17:37

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