Trey Songz – Monster (Triggamix)

Monster muhfucka, you know I been one of them
Niggas so shady cuz they know I been son’in ’em
Irrational methods, I will thrash you in seconds
Wait until your spirit rise, then ask for your blessing
I’m insane, I’m deranged
Bonkers, Blanka
Nigga you should know that I’m a mother fuckin monster
I’m so demented, it’s cemented in my brain
Every pretty woman world wide supposed to give me brain
Till I squirt soft, damn where the jerk off
First off, fuck y’all
Haters on the balls of a better man
Pause then behead a man
Eat your ass alive
Murder the other guys while your ass is digesting in
I’m wondering, should I put ’em asunder then
Begin with the plundering, devour every one of them
And I ain’t talking to no particular one of them
But if a nigga want it then
Bring ’em I’m a done ’em in
Come again, I’ma make more money than I can ever spend in
If you got a girl, better lock her in
Cuz the one that’s with me now in the telly
Got some dumb nigga named ‘Twan on her belly (haha)
Lets discuss this, I am not to be fucked with
Have no fear, so I see no peers
I’m so far gone, they don’t see me here
Plus I’m so far grown but you see no beard (yeah)
Murder game, slit shit from ear to ear
Breaking women’s heart when I tell ’em what they never hear
After tonight from me, you may never ever hear
I leave you feinding while releasing my demons and nemons
Marcus, I’m gorgeous, I’m flawless, applaud it
White folk looking, can’t believe a nigga bought this
If only they could see how quickly I will abort shit
Done once I wash shit once, that’s no horse shit
Fresh as a mint mouth, penthouse, top floor shit
Mr. Steal-yo-girl and I probably got your bitch
Where she at, nigga look around
Even if she with you now, bet I probably took her down (uh)
Mon-store, a lyrical gun store
Got all the ammunition a killer could want for
And I want more, you can call me carnivore
Pretty picture, pretty trigga
Eating every one of y’all

Updated: 26 February 2018 — 08:44

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