Toro Y Moi – 109

Oh Mr. Jackson I know
I wasn’t up to par
Wasn’t up to par

Do I come off
Like I don’t care at all
Don’t care at all

Don’t think I’ll fall
Flat on to my hands
And let you stand tall
Let you stand tall

Cause no one is worst
And no one is the best
No one is the best

Cause I feel like I’m dreaming
Are you gonna really make me fail
Are you gonna really hold me back
I don’t think I like this life you love

If I study hard
I doubt I’d learn enough
Do you think that’s right
For me to be like this
The one that doesn’t care
The one that gives a shit
That no one notices

I feel right in my home
Feel the night slit my throat

Did you have to
Did you have to

Updated: 30 November 2017 — 21:33

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