Tony Yayo – Wannabe

[Chorus: Tony Yayo]
Nigga I’m a baller, shot caller
23 inches on a phantom with the spoiler
Baller gettin head tonight
Dutchie rolled tight duck the feds tonight
On the high wayyyy
I got the things on the high wayy
Moving bricks the better way
Better way, better way, yeaaaaah

[Tony Yayo:]
I used to smoke blunts in the amp you know the hoop ride
Now it’s hermee jeans with the patch on the inside
The 800 hold a blicky up
I’m in all white, roll the sticky up
Rest in peace to ethel, rest in peace to huey
Nigga make a move, I’m a make a movie
Righteous kill like deniro and paccino
Fuck boys sweet like some fucking frappuchino
Niggas on the set and handle all the fiends orders
Rod need a bathroom set for his daughter
I used to buy weed right by the fish house
1 2 1 1 10 when the dreads out
Pieces go up, pieces go down
Task run up, niggas go down
I hold a 4 pound, not to be frank
Fuck a pair of sneakers got a marble fish tank
I got fish scales, my pills have you cellabit
They have you seeing t-pain on a pink elephant
I’m a hustler, you a strusstler
Strugglin to hustle I don’t move a muscle


[Spider Loc:]
If it don’t make dollars then it don’t make the attenary
We do move more heat like the millitary
Air force ones, top guns go hard
In miami waters more than the coast guards
Jump off the jet ski, hop on a speed boat
Cut throats commit the murder that greed wrote
Me and my guerillas got gravy deals
But still kill at will like navy seals
Handle on the eagle just flash and accord
Got the streets on lock like the national guard
If you want me better bring an army
21 gun saluter I’m a shooter


[40 Glocc:]
Never claimed to be a baller but I’m all in
Kobe bryant in the courtroom what they call him
32 slim jeans, that’s fag
That’s my bitch size, call that fat
I’m crack on a track worth 15 5
10 east next stop I-95
My altitude 40 thou I’m so higggh
My license revoked, I don’t drive
Cobalt city homeboy born to ride
2 hands minus a finger use that 9
A brick ain’t 10 a key don’t use that line
Bite the hand when it feeds put his teeth on the side


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